Seven Islands

Each district has its own capital. For example, Athens is the capital and Greece and Attica region. Greece is divided and a few historical and geographical areas. "Chaos, confusion indifference" – that explains Dahl dictionary Greek word "chaos". Country and indeed resembles chaos: there are lumps of rock, and high mountains, and the dark desert. No peace in the depths, as Greece is in a zone of high tectonic activity, and here, unfortunately, are frequent earthquakes. Green fertile areas, such as the Thessalian basin – a rare exception.

Vast areas, despite the abundance of rain, drought prone, tesla. porous limestone does not absorb moisture. "Spine" of Greece – the Pindus mountains in the west and the east of Mount Olympus. Fifth in Greece – the islands. There are about 20 thousand, but habitable – less than 200. A small group of Ionian Islands (Eptanisa – "Seven Islands") forms a chain, limiting Greece to the west.

Aegean islands, on the contrary, numerous, some of them are united in the archipelago, such as a group of islands in the northeast Aegean – Sporades, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese (Dodekanisos – "Twelve Islands"), while others are isolated: such, for example, the island of Crete in the south. Cycladic archipelago consists of 39 islands, of which only 24 are inhabited. Sporades, located along the east coast of mainland Greece and Euboea, characterized by a truly island flavor and preserve folk traditions intact. Dodecanese group consists of 12 large and many small islands, each with its own peculiarities and distinguishing features.