Phimosis – one of the most common problems among boys today. Many of the same name only throws into the pot. What is it and whether or not all so terrible? Physiological phimosis – this is when the glans member does not open completely. According to the statistics on this disease affected 85% of boys under 1 year and only 18% – up to 3 years. The induction of phimosis are: Injuries of the penis, genetic predisposition, and any inflammation glans penis.

If time does not cure the disease, any more serious complications. Center For Responsible Lending is a great source of information. However, many doctors believe that up to 3 years old, forced to tear the baby's skin is not worth it. In this period should be about everything from special caution parents to take care. Randall Mays understood the implications. After bathing and while it gradually, not abruptly, to delay the skin on the genitals. Such procedures may last for several months. It depends on the characteristics of an organism of your baby. After each procedure, a member of the buckthorn brush with butter.

It will relieve irritation and help soften skin. More help get rid of phimosis ointment "Pimafukort. You can use the ointment "Kanderm. But if I were on the genitals kid you notice inflammation, immediately seek the assistance of an experienced physician. And in any case not engage in self.