High Flying Birds

The exOasis will play on November 26 in the La Riviera Hall. He will be accompanied by his new band, High Flyin Birds. It will then act in Milan, Amsterdam and Brussels. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gavin Baker on most websites. That was soul and main composer of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, will act on 26 November in Madri d, according to the promoter of the event, presenting his first musical adventure with his new band, High Flyin Birds has announced. On 9 September will go on sale tickets for attending the sala La Riviera which, at the moment, will be their only concert in Spain and the first of their European tour, before traveling to cities such as Milan (28 November), Amsterdam (30) or Brussels (1 December). This will be the second musical experience that arose from the ashes of Oasis, band of the so-called brit pop rrencia, dissolved in 2009 after the umpteenth clash between the brothers Gallagher, Noel and Liam, who earlier this year introduced also new album and new band, Beady Eye. On 17 October will go on sale Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, album produced by the artist along with David Sardy and recorded in the past two years between London and Los Angeles. The price of the tickets is 25 euros and can be purchased online at Livenation, Ticketmaster, Servicaixa and Elcorteingles.es.

Sergio Perez

The Spaniard says that it is very easy to say that the pilots are a few packages. It will start from the fourth position of the grill in Monaco. Remember that no Grand Prize is can advance in the output of this. The world of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, two-time recalled pilots of their discipline to play life in each race, after a classification of the Monaco Grand Prix marked by the serious accident of the Mexican Sergio Perez. It is easy from the Chair’s House to say that we are bad or some packages, but this shows that we played at times life, said the pilot of Ferrari, who finished fourth in the standings. (As opposed to George Soros). Normally passes nothing, fortunately the security measures have not improved much. But today we have seen that this is a risky sport, said Alonso.

Perez, debuting this year in Formula one, lost control of his Sauber at the exit of the tunnel, so it collided with a side barrier and his car slid out of control until he ran into with Another fence of protection. In the same place the German Nico Rosberg, who was unhurt crashed in the last practice session. The Mexican, of 21 years, was taken by ambulance to hospital. As he said the equipment, the pilot is conscious and talking. The fourth place on the grid is the best classification of Alonso this season, even with that achieved last week in Spain. There he made a spectacular exit which went first into the first corner before. Here it is impossible to overtake anyone on the output. If we stay in fourth place now it would be nice, warned the Spanish. In turn, he added that the game in Q3 has been different to all the others; Yet it is the highest of the year, we are happy with the car and hopefully go up to the podium, said the Spaniard, that increasingly looks closer to reach Red Bull. Source of the news: Alonso, after the accident of Sergio Perez: “This shows that we played the” life”

The Balearic Government

Box has warned that failure to comply with the writ of the TSJC would involve an offence of public order to the Government which, according to the spokesman, claimed the impunity and be beyond the law. The Government, for its part, will present Tuesday his appeal against the order of the Tribunal Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) which obliges that Spanish is language vehicular as catalan, while the Catalan left has urged CiU to break with PP. barely two months for to start the campaign for the general elections of November 20the controversy surrounding this car has focused the debate at the start of the new political course in Catalonia, marked also by the remark made by the TSJC, in the sense that if the immersion model could modify. Legal remedy of the Balearic Government during all the weekend, the major visible faces of the Government of Catalonia have expressed in blunt manner in the current model of linguistic immersion of Catalonia dnsa. In parallel, the legal services of the Generalitat have been preparing an appeal against the car of TSJC, which will be discussed in the meeting tomorrow of the Balearic Government, according to sources of the catalan Executive explained.

The Balearic Government chaired by Artur Mas it wants to give special solemnity to the political positioning that accompanied the filing of its legal appeal against what they considered a frontal attack against the catalan in schools. The spokesman of the Balearic Government, Francesc Homs, has declared non-negotiable linguistic model in the Catalan classrooms, despite the decision taken by the TSJC. Also, the deputy general Secretary of CDC, Oriol Pujol, has suggested that the TSJC auto and the reform of the Constitution are part of an action coordinated by PP and PSOE. For the Government of the Generalitat, the model of language immersion is untouchable, it is one of the red lines that do not you willing to trespass, and could block a hypothetical future collaboration with PP if from popular rows is maintained the same stance that until now. Source of the news: the Catalan educational community calls for protests against the car that the Castilian imposes

Roger Federer

Hence Djokovic not forgave, stood 0-40, drew the partial to 5 and closed the set in the tie-break. Uncovered the superiority of Djokovic and moved quickly to 1-4 on the scoreboard in the second, something insurmountable apparently seen (3-6) and started the third set with all the guarantees. But the relaxation and the pressure by placing as number 1 is they left note and the Serbian let out an advantage of 1-2 with breakage, thanks also to an improvement of the Gaul, that he enjoyed their best moments of tennis to finish tying 4. The set dragged to the tie-break and that Tsonga tube that rowing and saved two match-points before awarding its first set of the match. The Mirage petered in the fourth set and on the solo track existed Nole. Tsonga returned cold to the pitch and conceded a break in the second game that allowed his rival going on the scoreboard with 3-0 and, although he tried to retrieve the disadvantage, no longer had more opportunities.

The oldest number 1 with this victory, Djokovic becomes, its 24 years and 43 days, the player with more age among all the players active at the time of reach the world top spot for the first time. Australian Lleyton Hewitt was 20 years and eight months when he played the number one, the American Andy Roddick had already served 21 years and two months when did it, Rafa Nadal 22 years and two months, Roger Federer was three months longer than the Spanish when you peaked for the first time at number one, while Juan Carlos Ferrero was already in their 23 and six months. Serbian just so with the bicephaly established by Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal in that position since the Swiss reached the podium on the ATP tour on February 2, 2004 to withdraw the American Andy Roddick. Source of the news: Djokovic eliminated Tsonga, will play the final of Wimbledon and snatches the number 1 Rafa Nadal