The Balearic Government

Box has warned that failure to comply with the writ of the TSJC would involve an offence of public order to the Government which, according to the spokesman, claimed the impunity and be beyond the law. The Government, for its part, will present Tuesday his appeal against the order of the Tribunal Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) which obliges that Spanish is language vehicular as catalan, while the Catalan left has urged CiU to break with PP. barely two months for to start the campaign for the general elections of November 20the controversy surrounding this car has focused the debate at the start of the new political course in Catalonia, marked also by the remark made by the TSJC, in the sense that if the immersion model could modify. Legal remedy of the Balearic Government during all the weekend, the major visible faces of the Government of Catalonia have expressed in blunt manner in the current model of linguistic immersion of Catalonia dnsa. In parallel, the legal services of the Generalitat have been preparing an appeal against the car of TSJC, which will be discussed in the meeting tomorrow of the Balearic Government, according to sources of the catalan Executive explained.

The Balearic Government chaired by Artur Mas it wants to give special solemnity to the political positioning that accompanied the filing of its legal appeal against what they considered a frontal attack against the catalan in schools. The spokesman of the Balearic Government, Francesc Homs, has declared non-negotiable linguistic model in the Catalan classrooms, despite the decision taken by the TSJC. Also, the deputy general Secretary of CDC, Oriol Pujol, has suggested that the TSJC auto and the reform of the Constitution are part of an action coordinated by PP and PSOE. For the Government of the Generalitat, the model of language immersion is untouchable, it is one of the red lines that do not you willing to trespass, and could block a hypothetical future collaboration with PP if from popular rows is maintained the same stance that until now. Source of the news: the Catalan educational community calls for protests against the car that the Castilian imposes