Roger Federer

Hence Djokovic not forgave, stood 0-40, drew the partial to 5 and closed the set in the tie-break. Uncovered the superiority of Djokovic and moved quickly to 1-4 on the scoreboard in the second, something insurmountable apparently seen (3-6) and started the third set with all the guarantees. But the relaxation and the pressure by placing as number 1 is they left note and the Serbian let out an advantage of 1-2 with breakage, thanks also to an improvement of the Gaul, that he enjoyed their best moments of tennis to finish tying 4. The set dragged to the tie-break and that Tsonga tube that rowing and saved two match-points before awarding its first set of the match. The Mirage petered in the fourth set and on the solo track existed Nole. Tsonga returned cold to the pitch and conceded a break in the second game that allowed his rival going on the scoreboard with 3-0 and, although he tried to retrieve the disadvantage, no longer had more opportunities.

The oldest number 1 with this victory, Djokovic becomes, its 24 years and 43 days, the player with more age among all the players active at the time of reach the world top spot for the first time. Australian Lleyton Hewitt was 20 years and eight months when he played the number one, the American Andy Roddick had already served 21 years and two months when did it, Rafa Nadal 22 years and two months, Roger Federer was three months longer than the Spanish when you peaked for the first time at number one, while Juan Carlos Ferrero was already in their 23 and six months. Serbian just so with the bicephaly established by Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal in that position since the Swiss reached the podium on the ATP tour on February 2, 2004 to withdraw the American Andy Roddick. Source of the news: Djokovic eliminated Tsonga, will play the final of Wimbledon and snatches the number 1 Rafa Nadal