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Between Sands And Mats

The curtain is run and begin to thread fantasy, creativity and hope, the work of six unipersonal worlds self-appointed Sand and Mats. The Los Alamos avenue, in Villa El Salvador, hides between its pictures a house different from its neighbors: … Continue reading


The light greater of the world is considered natural, and besides its function when directing the marine traffic, is the center of a whole habitat, with a great variety of flora and fauna, if you like of so beautiful landscapes … Continue reading

Communication Act

Formulating Debate Nowadays in my dear mother country Ecuador lives an intense debate on the approval on a new Communication Act some we think that it is a right exit to the mediocrity and corruption of the press but there … Continue reading

Parliamentary Center

When a volunteer enters a Penitentiary Center for the first time, in the Penitentiary Module of a Hospital, in a plant with serious patients or a Center by day for majors with dementia, it is normal that he undergoes an … Continue reading

Ramiro Ruiz

I know that to have cravings by something sweet, it can be a real problem for much people (not only for the pregnant women).Often the ills, they are a indicative of which you are not eating your meals in the … Continue reading