Teaching At The University

The teaching at the university has some notable differences from that used in earlier development stages of the life of students. The university serves the dual purpose of preparing students for the insertion in the world of work and the world of life and should therefore emphasize the need to prepare qualified professionals while in the training of human beings integral to be able not only to exercise a profession but also to have a behavior that can fulfill its commitment to the community unavoidable, family, environment, business, the progress of its people and, possibly, the most important all: the commitment to himself. The teaching in the university has various components and actors such as the institution, the ideology of development, society, the curriculum, the interests of the productive sector and, of course, teachers and students. Usually university teachers to calls as professionals in various fields of human knowledge who have not been sufficiently trained to teach according to the requirements of teaching. So things the university professor goes to the his own experience as a student, copying the model and how to teach their favorite teachers at the time who went to college and thus intends to comply with the delicate task that has been assigned. This is the reason why the university usually provides qualified professionals in your area but weak performance of all kinds in the course of teaching. A college education is confronted in this way the theoretical processing insufficient empirical data accumulated on the teaching-learning process. You may want to visit Awesome Games Done Quick Online to increase your knowledge. The problem posed above is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a variety of problems among which we note the predominance of the role of the teacher who in many respects remains more important than the true axis of student learning process. It is also worrying that the teaching process learning continues to have a reproductive character and that learning is understood as the accumulation of information and not as training and personality development. Certain content irrelevant and is not given enough attention to diversity and because they are expected to produce results different student alike. For all the above is likely to find more efficient educational activities outside school than inside. Known problems of university education the next step is, of course, raise some recommendations aimed at solving the weaknesses found in order that we can enjoy a highly efficient education system within which they can form men and women that country and the world is in need. Wise men and women followed and wise.

Men and women willing to work hard and strenuous efforts to benefit their community. Men and women for whom the research and science are part of everyday life. Men and women who can read the world, interpreting each of its signals. Men and women who are faithful to their ideas and principles and are able to defend them. Intelligent men and women, well educated and willing to share knowledge with generosity to which they have had access. Men and women who do not understand in any circumstances be sold even when the earth trembles and threatens to plunge the heavens and dyeing of black and threatening to collapse.