That Is A Micro Usb

If you can not live without your cell phone or a personal digital assistant (PDA), you please know that micro USB connectors soon it will make these devices even more comfortable to wear. USB, which means Universal Serial Bus, is a bus external, or cable, standard used to connect peripheral devices, such as keyboards, computers. It is an alternative to common ancestors. After some time, the USB technology has been improved and has been reduced to a smaller size known as mini USB. Micro USB specification is intended to replace the mini USB connectors and original USB sticks that currently exist in many types of portable devices, including mobile phones and PDA s.

standard devices to use containers micro-b, while that USB OTG (On-The-Go) devices are used for Micro-AB receptacles. micro, micro-b plugs plugs, and standard cables are also available. Micro USB technology was developed by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF), an independent group nonprofit that works to advance in the USB technology. Nokia is one of the many companies that will use the micro USB specification in its upcoming products. When other products in this category are compared with the mini USB, micro USB offers many advantages. The most obvious benefit of this new technology is its smaller size.

As mobile phones and PDAs are thinner and lighter. Micro USB will allow manufacturers to push the boundaries of this trend towards a more elegant design. Also by its small size, the micro USB is more durable than the mini USB connector. A micro-USB has a stainless steel tank to allow more than 10,000 cycles of insertion, as well as a latching mechanism that provides greater strength of extraction, without sacrificing ease of the USB-to-use to sync and charge your portable devices. Another advantage of this type of connector is that the new specification USB micro will support the Supplement USB OTG, a technology that was invented to satisfy the need of portable devices to directly communicate among themselves without the aid of a computer. If you go to their friends to a meeting or business for a casual lunch, the OTG supplement offers total mobile interconnection. It allows you easily transfer, print or share your documents, songs and photos at the same time that you use the functions of low consumption that will help preserve the life of the battery.