The Child

It does not matter in what form (oral or written) will be organized this very conversation. Ability to speak absolutely no need for understanding speech. We did not ask the question: "And as a child to teach us to understand if he still can not write?" Simply put, the kid without a difference not only in what form (oral or written) will communicate with him, but then, what language (English, Russian, Japanese ) it will happen. The kid is able to master any language in any form, provided that the intensive communication begins at birth. So ordered nature. Conversely, if the child until seven years will be denied communion, but in future it will not be able to learn any human language in any form whatsoever. And the fate of more than 100 "child Mowgli" known to science are indisputable proof of that.

How can a child learn to read, if he does not know the letters? When the mother of 4-year old child brags that her child "knows all the letters, it is condescending smile. Even for one year old kid to learn 33 letters of the alphabet – this is such a trifle, with which it can handle up to 1 – 2 days. Children's brain is able to absorb information every day a thousand times more! In itself, knowledge of letters without the ability to read – a thing is absolutely useless. Teach children to read by folding the letters only after six years. But the most successful students with such training are waiting for years to come tedious work, before they can move from poslogovogo to scamper.