The Organization

As such equipment, a toy library sits on four pillars or requirements:-infrastructures: rooms or hallways conditioned as leisure spaces or classrooms of game. If not possible the installation of a playroom at the hospital, you can resort to the collaboration of ludobuses. -Educational project: endorsed by the hospital animation program and recognized and approved by the hospital. -Educational team: with volunteers and staff who share and review the action, so that they form continuously as equipment. -Resources and materials: playful, animation and fungible, material selected and adapted to its users. In turn, the centres must have objectives relating to the characteristics and type of socio-educational intervention that you can pursue and defend them. In this way, the objectives shared by any playroom might be:-promote communication and participation free and liberating from the game and its possibilities communication, participatory and creative.

-Defending cultures and cultural diversity rescuing traditional toys and games, collecting games and toys from other cultures, and disseminating them, empowering them, adapting them, etc. – improving the quality of life of children and youth, integrating social and educational values in the development of recreational activities. The Organization of the playroom at the hospital will adapt to the age of the children, the presence of family members, the situation of the room or space, the length of stay and the availability of volunteers and professionals in the hospital to give a stable coverage to the service. It will seek to combine visiting hours, that are developed in an environment more standardized as possible. The operation is based on the combination of the free game with structured activities (of animation, workshops, etc.) and other punctual as parties, shows or storyteller. The loan of books and toys can be performed following the rules of safety and hygiene usual without risk of infection.

This allows even the optimization of resources through the Exchange or loan of material with libraries and centres existing in the environment of the hospital, always committed to explicit the responsibilities of each party. All toys will be registered and packed with instructions and their tabs, and can be selected from the rooms through exhibitors carts moving on the floor or laminated catalogues. From these centres is can also coordinate activities of leisure in the rooms (so have a connection with group activities) and the loan of carts of multi-purpose activities. The educational team not may neglect, therefore, maintenance, management of the leisure Fund, preparation and evaluation activities as well as monitoring of users and the service. In the ludoteca educator / entertainer acts as a mediator in the process of development of the child, since the game is the ideal way to develop skills and techniques of communication and social skills as participate, compete, collaborate and seek help, without placing emphasis on perfection. In addition, the toy libraries are an ideal place for observation and research of playful activity and its stimulators elements, their limitations and their potential, and in this case, centered in the hospital context.