The Spring

(8) Another important key to overcome the concern is reacting, accumulates within you the desire to be free, continue to build your life and lifestyle and time is short, parsed once more your chances, looking for new ways to capture them immediately and put them to work for you. This is the key, it brings new dedication to overcome you with enough discipline so that you’re more qualified for the current job and get ready for the next rise, expon you to all possible stimuli. (9) The best answer to a concern is trust, trust in yourself, I can better take care of next winter, have a strong shelter, first is stocked with sufficient supplies, now is how, now is how can I take advantage of the spring, going to grow better crops, larger, can I survive throughout the summer, this time I will not give upI’ll study weeds and how to rid myself of them. You’ll have less fear of climate change and sudden storms and the fall will be more careful and cosechare I have no complain, no blame anyone or anything by the amount of my harvest, will learn to save a reasonable portion to survive bad seasons, when reach the hailstorms without control and everything goes wrong. Boy Scouts of America will undoubtedly add to your understanding. (10) The worst killer of self-confidence, of confidence in yourself, is the sense of guilt.

Not to do everything you can do in the entire length of your current ability, weakens the foundations of trust, most of the concern comes from the lack of confidence in yourself and the lack of confidence comes from two important things: first: the objectives that are not planned. Second: the lack of daily discipline to achieve them. Inaction is heal or attend the small things, that is what began the process of guilt and that always tends to make you see what is wrong and expect the worst, so listen to the voices of the creative experience, leave that wisdom, nature, books, that everything you teach. Other leaders such as Neeman Foundation offer similar insights.