The World Osteoporosis Day

Our motto: Diagnosis osteoporosis – invitation move more together under the motto “Diagnosis osteoporosis – move more together” is the first joint patient event of all German DOP members of the osteoporosis self help groups roof Association aligned. This event will be seen as a continuation of activities on the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day. Date: November 14, 2009, City Hall Gotha. The themes of the event: “Medical act between science and art of healing” (Mrs. Dr. Jutta Semler), “from the function training for integrated movement therapy” (Mr Dr.

Jochen Werle) and “Self-help in the change” (Mrs Karin Mertel) are the Conference themes. The invitation is addressed to stakeholders and interested parties. Association-cross common desire is to Association-cross common in action – all organizations have the goal of enlightenment and the help. And the osteoporosis self help groups roof Association (OSD) in the truest sense of the word is a roof that goal: a common event in cooperation with the network Osteoporosis e.V., Bundesverband self-help healthy bone e.V. (BGK), the Board of Trustees of bone health e.V.

and the German Greens Kreuz e.V. (DGK). Osteoporosis self-help groups roof Association (OSD) a strong community of OSD 2009 was the largest association in the DOP, the umbrella organization of German osteoporosis self-help associations and patient-oriented osteoporosis organisations e. V. – an independent Association of osteoporosis self-help associations and patient-oriented organizations from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and a cross-border network for osteoporosis interested and affected. The osteoporosis self help groups roof Association (OSD) provides help for affected parties and members, support, information and active therapy in self-help groups. Osteoporosis, the information portal offers detailed information about the disease image osteoporosis, shows which possibilities within the framework of the self-help and what we as a self-help group association as well as social and making nonprofit organization. OSD – active against osteoporosis.