Window Tinting For Vehicles

Window tinting is for all young people of great interest. The classic window tinting in Germany is on the rise. But it applies to imported vehicles from the EU to abide by the rules of the technical monitoring Association (TuV). But that is not always the case. In window tinting for imported vehicles the thing looks different. According to the case-law in Germany, a car prior to admission must perform an inspection.

Illegal film tinting z.b opacity in window tinting can cancel the TuV approval for that imported car lead. Typically, a fine and the forced removal of the foil is assigned. All slides are designed in Germany for car Windows are tested according to strict criteria of the technical monitoring Association (TuV). The to the time best automotive films are produced by “Suntek”. The company “Suntek” comes from the United States and can produce for many European countries, including Germany, in the States.

When bonding to You get handed out an ABE (general approval) their vehicle after the window tinting services by your professional, which allows you to run this window tinting under German law on your car. The ABE allowed but only the tint from the B-pillar. The windscreen and the front side Windows must not be covered with foil. Except on the front windscreen, a 15 cm solar wedge can be used above, while the anti-glare wedge must not hinder the driver. An assigned unique TuV paragraph each film tinting TuV-approved which is used in Germany. This TuV number is marked directly ex works for the German market on the lower part of the slide. Each decaled car window must present number this TuV according to German law. The number can be subsequently no longer attached. Should you now be stopped, need demonstrate only the ABG, the ABG and the slide number must match. If you now pretended themselves to all held, have to be a lot of fun with have their window tinting. The tint is usually many years, there are Scheibentoner which will give you a 7 year warranty. Jorg of Fakhri