WordPress is much more that a content manager. Jennifer Aaker will not settle for partial explanations. It is a finished platform that allows to construct sites of very fast way and with one highly professional one. Not only it counts on the advantages of implementation and ease of use, has turned that it into a highly popular solution, but also is highly customizable in his different functionalities thanks to plugins. Plugins is applications of gratuitous implementation in their majority, that thanks to a comfortable interface through Control Panel is possible to only install and to have activated in seconds. Plugins will be those that really give an efficient functionality him highly to the site, from all point of view. These are some plugins for CATHEDRAL and optimization of the site which it is not possible to be done without and that practically in case single they have managed to equip to the dynamic pages in WP of the same capacity of optimization for finders that the dynamic sites. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. Without doubt All-in-One CATHEDRAL Pack it is spread. Thanks to this application it is possible to equip to dynamic pages that form when raising content of title, key words and description. Official site: Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City.

CATHEDRAL Smart Link is plug in which automatically it will detect certain key words in texts it will equip and them with a Link that the user will be able to define beforehand. For example, if one of the selected expressions is ” services profesionales” , whenever the CATHEDRAL Smart Link detects this phrase in the text, automatically landing linkear for example to one page determined (xxxxx.com/servicios-profesionales.html) WP-Super-Break is incredible plug in which it creates static copies of our dynamic pages in order to accelerate the times of load. It is necessary to remember that all effort that is realised to reduce the average time that takes in unfolding a site will result in a better positioning, since for certain time this variable form leaves from the algorithm that calculates the Pagerank. CATHEDRAL Friendly Images allows to equip to the images that are included in the site of tags necessary for a correct indexing, like ” Title” and ” Alt” we remember that ” Alt” it is the alternative text that load when it is not managed to load the image, or simply the visitor is using a navigator without images (like the Lynx). Finally, it would want to mention Living Stories, first plug in of Google for WP. This is remarkable, because Google is the owner of Blogger, the direct adversary of WP in which it does to platforms of contents.

Nevertheless, Google was decided to send to this application, recognizing the superiority of WP in the market. One is an application for the publication of the news, that a different category for each allows to create something as well as ” History of vida” that it is decided to follow, much more making simple have all the historical information of an event or the journalistic news. Also it allows to insert images or videos in that history. With this arsenal of tools no longer there are excuses so that his blog or site can compete of equal to equal by the first place in the pages of the finders, especially for the experts in CATHEDRAL that they will know to remove the maximum benefit from each site.