Human Development

Thus, they had conceived the consisting human development of that only innate and it is not only molded by the environment. In this manner they had arrived at a interacionista conception of the development. Vygitsky defended the idea of that the man is different of the inferior animals. The interacionista postulation of Vygotsky has to have with the genetic plans. For it exists 4 entrances of the development that together characterize the development of the human being: A filognese: he says respect to the history of the species (human being and animal). Filognese this related with the characteristics of the body that go to serve for the development: Former: to use the eyes, movimeto to clip to catch objects, etc. A ontognese: the history of the individual of the species says respect: it means the development of the being, an individual, one determined species.

Former Poe: it is born, it reproduces, it dies A sociognese or cultural history: it marks the cultural history of the way that the citizen this inserted one, that is, the history of the culture where the citizen this inserted and with regard to this aspect we can stand out the importance of the dance as a way of transmission and reflection of the culture where the child this inserted one, beyond the possibility of it to know other cultures the same, being modified by the way and modifying. A micrognese: this related the history of each individual inside of its esecie, that is, each psychological phenomenon has its propia history. Micrognese makes in them to look at for the fact of that each phenomenon has its individual history and nobody has an equal history of the other. Two equal people do not exist. The experiences are different. The facts in the history of each one will go to define the singularity of each moment of the life of the citizen.