Dog Ownership In Hungary

Animal husbandry and animal welfare at Lake Balaton in Hungary who hears Hungary / Balaton, think of carefree holiday. World-renowned festivals, wine, good food, surfing, bathing and hiking. But the economic crisis has not only the States in the grip, which appear constantly in the media set. It meets just countries, such as Hungary, which before the crisis suffered from poverty and unemployment, twice hard. According to a study, 40% of the population of Hungary under the poverty line live! Cooking in February 2012 organized a group of people a 200 kilometre-long hunger March”, to draw attention to the many ills. But the most vulnerable suffer as it is in times of crisis, always the most. And the dogs in the Republic of Hungary are in this case. Where there were previously hardly help, this is now scarce.

Services and donations to animal shelters, if there was anything which decreases every day. There’s no more money, for dog food, medicines and personnel, which in animal welfare and in the crowded animal shelters often volunteer operates. So it comes, how it must be healthy and lovable animals be euthanized! The situation worsens chip mandatory in Hungary starting in 2013! One good thing is, with a chip to equip a dog, in and of itself. In the case of the disappearance is the ability to identify the animal and return the concerned owners. It is only problematic if the population that could muster before hardly money for dog food, cannot afford the 12-40 euro for the chip.

It is even more problematic, if the dog owner must pay up to 40 euro penalty, your pet with a microchip should be furnished. The result is clear: since the beginning of this year dogs are abandoned in Hungary more and more. You die a painful death outside, shot by a Hunter, run over by a car or die of starvation. Sometimes they get sick and exhausted in completely busy animal shelters and accommodation of animal welfare, where brave people try that suffering this poor creatures to alleviate and a little Love to give. Unfortunately, still dogs be euthanized at the animal shelters in Hungary. These animals are mostly healthy, are in the best dog owner and have only one error, they were at the wrong time in the wrong place. Animal welfare is trying to save these animals. You will be recorded, maintained, fed, and loved. To get before the other mediation get a chip because without no chance. But that will cost money, which the animal welfare does not have. These are dependent on the rare donations. Unfortunately, there are still too few people who opt for an older animal, perhaps even from a foreign country. The fear of a mistake is too big”to make. The biggest mistake is but these animals who love their owners so much simply to leave keyword. The dogs want to live maybe not forever. They want to but the limited time they have on Earth love their owner and be loved. Here, help is needed. And not just for the people in Hungary, but also for those who have no voice to rise: the Dogs in Hungary!