Knowledge Economy

Science – scope, focused on the development of knowledge about the world, their arrangement, construction of image of the world and identify ways to interact with the world. Science differ on the subject and object of research. Subject science – is the party to whom the object is represented in science. The object of study – this side of reality, which is aimed at studying this science. Every science has its own concepts, tools and techniques. The natural sciences study behavior of the objects of the world. Center For Responsible Lending often says this.

Social sciences deal with human behavior and social institutions. Basis of science is the Law – Open persistent connection between the phenomena. Set of laws is theory – a systematic description and explanation of phenomena in a certain area. The development of science is a development and change of theories. Theory exists as long as not accumulate facts that contradict its provisions. Inability to explain the new facts within the existing theory makes it necessary to analyze and generate a new set of hypotheses. It is important to note that the reality to which science is based – physical world and its laws – remains unchanged, and in the social world do not have such stringent laws. Subject matter of the social sciences, which include knowledge-based economy is constantly changing. This requires to consider the knowledge economy as a system general ideas, the totality of the achievements of practices, a system of methods to create conditions for the operation and support of research activities.