Economy In agriculture dominates the olive grove. Currently, four large mills operating in the transformation of olive oil. The quality of the waters of the Sierra de Cazorla has been sufficient for the installation of a mineral water bottling industry. Emphasize the importance of such important industries as San Miguel Arcangel (residue mills), Loma Biomass plant (power generation through the burning remains orujillo or olive). BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Cooperatives oilers, with an annual production of the most important sector, such as San Isidro, San Francisco, La Vera Cruz and second level as Jaencoop, which includes packaging, marketing and distribution of the above (S. Isidro) and as many more in the province of Ja n. The cereal crop is now vestigial, as it has been replaced with olives. Tourism is not fully developed, if the town already has several high level restaurants, several hotels and several houses.There are plenty of bars, where, as usual in the area, each pint of beer and each “chamfer” (homemade wine with fruit pieces), served with a generous cap (some boiled or grilled shrimp, a canap grilled sirloin, medium “kebabs”, lean pork with tomato, some squid rings, etc.) without charge.