Social Economy

Many information, values and procedures are transmitted the child, will have to be translated and enclosed the works of the school, to contribute in the formation of apt conscientious citizens to decide and to act in the partner-ambient reality, with knowledge of values that they express by means of artistic and cultural behaviors, techniques and manifestations, making possible the interference in the analysis searching solutions of the identified problems. The ambient education can help to become more excellent the general education, to start for basic education developing new way to live without destroying the environment, in a new style of life. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. Therefore it must invest in a mentality change, acquiring knowledge the human groups ahead to adopt new points of view and new positions of the quandaries and the made constataes, applying more sustainable forms each time of interaction partner-nature and solutions for the ambient problems. The alone ambient education is not enough to change the routes of the planet, but certainly it is necessary condition for in such a way. She is necessary to rescue the taste and the pleasure in the education, bringing to the ambient educators the challenge to actively participate of the debates and initiatives around the importance of the diversity of beings livings creature.

The ambient education involves all the culture human being: the social economy, politics, resolutions, the arts, etc. Favoring the survival of the future generations gifts and of the species human being and all the species of the planet, more joust, healthful and pleasant that the current one. Any work must take to the action the practical one, in an ample project, that of the o pupil the environment vision, where it constructs knowledge to understand and to interpret the world and to act on it. The scale is a privileged place for the ambient education, with operating citizens who with democracy live the practical one of its values. The understanding of the complex characteristics in the environment is to interpret the interdependence between the diverse elements that form the beings livings creature using rationally the natural resources satisfying material and spiritual the society in the gift and the future. The ambient education must enable to the full exercise of the citizenship through the formation, enclosing techniques capable to make possible sustainable developments and to create bases for the understanding of the reality. She is necessary also that the professor has some familiarity with the language spent in the social movement in the movement of defense of the environment.

This is one of the data of the formation of the professor in ambient education that can propitiate at the same time the integral development of the pupils to the practical exercise of the citizenship. The professor must work to form citizens capable to assume its responsibilities ambient and ethical partners, diversifying the procedures to guarantee a rich situation, stimulant and challenger for the pupils. It does not exist you formulate ready and magical &#039 is necessary; ' to learn in the reality and of realidade' '. Baltazar juraszek Specializing Terezinha Saint