Via Mouse By Hanseapolis

“Section 3” by Miriam Pharo as the eBook available “section 3” is a three-part Zukunftsthriller 2066 playing. Now, the first part of “The Red shuttle” is published as premium eBook. In the future Pharo the cities of Hamburg and Lubeck ceased to exist by Miriam, they were by the mega city Hanseapolis literally swallowed. On a hot Februarmorgen of the year 2066, a mutilated body is found in the death zone outside the city. (A valuable related resource: Center for Responsible Business). The Cop Elias Kosloff disfigured by genetic manipulation is determined with a new colleague at his side: Louann Marino. The tracks run in the dark, disused subway beneath the glittering metropolis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out GiveWell. At the same time, Cecil Dunn, Star reporter of the globally active Yahoogle encounters investigation network, YIN called, during his research on corrupt machinations, which could… bring the European Federation in grave danger “Section 3” is Pharos first novel.

Publishing your own eBooks is the attempt of the author, regardless of publishers and content Restrictions to offer their work to a broad readership. The technical feature of their eBooks: To make it more attractive for the reader, Miriam has imagined Pharo mouse functions. “It is so: In real life it does not recognize the thoughts of a person, rather you must try out to tickle them.” An eBook is ideal to do just that! “, as the author.” While the thoughts of the protagonists via mouse-over are revealed. Also, Pharo uses the mouse-over effect Miriam, to include background information and illustrations. “My novel is also pays homage to the great city of Hamburg, whose Schonheit is often misunderstood, especially internationally. It represents a wonderful setting the atmosphere, the people, the interplay between the Alster and the Elbe for me. At some point I thought about me: how could this city of the future look like? Exactly one hundred years after my birth. With a little luck I can experience perhaps even, my vision will be how near or far the reality.” Source: related links Ines Muncheberg