Anger And Aggression In Children Increasing

Playful intelligence by rage dwarf shows effect – even at the smallest now it is striking even kindergarten teachers, children are more aggressive and selfishness and anger are already massively trained even at the smallest. Carmen Hron Director of puppet theater Dolomitenkasperl has made here to counteract. I am trying to work through children adequate response, the themes of anger and aggression and to raise an awareness of the problem in the affected children”, so Hron. Her piece of the rage dwarf”, is about a dwarf who gets a bad temper tantrum and thereby break makes a lot. “The puppet shows him that there other funny ‘ ways to vent his anger. The anger bag, the bucket of roar of, or even a pillow fight.

The children are excited and get even with, that there are other ways than to go destroy toys or to throw through the area.” Carmen Hron, born in 1977, and even the mother of a child is trained Montessoriteacher and trying above all, the Children on the tracks to be included and to act. Children should be demoted to mere spectators not only. How wonderful that happens, proves every time after the performances. The children discuss the topic or play it yourself. The themes so are included in the personal world of games and imagination of children. Behaviour and experiences are so processed and questioned the own actions.

The core of the Repertoire of the Dolomitenkasperls form pieces with a focus on child protection: the rage dwarf (dealing with anger and rage) the crocodile at the dentist (dealing with fear) No, I don’t (dealing with the “no””) wants the blue mouse (dealing with bullying, be laughed at) one could wish for new topics for pieces, which the Dolomitenkasperl should implement and experience. From a theatre version of the favorite book of the child of up to current year – and problem issues everything is possible”, so the puppet theater director Carmen Hron. Decoration and wallpaper images of small stage come incidentally from Alvina Glove, an artist who is responsible for the stage design of the Dolomitenkasperls. Booking the stage for kindergartens, elementary schools, nursery schools and private or corporate events directly to the woman Director: Carmen Hron E-mail: phone: 0699 / 100 88 218