Pure – Adrenaline The First Pitch

, Presented the results of their main practice work on 15 March, it was the students of the final semester of communication landlady again: the students of the final semester communication landlady, in the evening – as well as in the course of the day presented the results of their most important practical work before representatives of the theme sponsor and a lecturer team of the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Cologne. As a highlight of every course, the CTE students complete various projects in so-called learning agencies. Here, they can implement their acquired knowledge into practice, because there are real clients with real tasks. Save the Children understood the implications. At the end of shows which group has convinced the contracting authority and the review panel. The trial by fire three tough months lay behind them. During this period has been planned, designed, created, certainly much discussed and the presentation einstu tinuously.

The result could be. All eleven groups ha ben developed implementation-oriented communication concepts for two real customers. By the CTE, the concept, were the Implementation implementation, the presentation and the presentation of the booklet, graded. By the customer, the best work is rewarded in addition even monetarily. As it were the first paid pitch.

The learning agency learning Agency is carried out in the final semester of the day and evening courses. Here, students can implement the acquired knowledge into practice. The semester will be in groups of 4 6 persons in individual learning agencies listed – shares. These will receive a task in the field of marketing communication from a theme sponsor and be competing competitors in the pitch, much like real agencies. All experience requirements, which are collected in the learning Agency, are extremely valuable and important for the addition important professional practice. Here it is the strong practical focus of the study is how beneficial. Creating concepts for sponsors from the industry has the theme sponsors already a long tradition at the CTE.