450 New Google Rules

In the blog of Google’s SPAM guard of Matt Cutts to get to 450 new Google rules since 2007. A great team is constantly working to put a stop to the Tricksers. Since 2007, Google has invested considerable work in improving the algorithms. 450 improvements was stepped up the fight against spammers. Improvements include domain, domain age, site navigation, contextual linking, back links, bad neighborhoods, quality content, regionalization, apply Webb site and site maps.

The SuchmaschinenOptimierung of a website begins with the selection of the domain. Domain the domain refers to the name of a Web site, just as the company is the name of a company. In the new system of a Web site, the owner has the choice between private person name \”usergmbh.de\” his own place name \”schlossuser.de\” (future) its own brand name \”usermarke.de\” the main keyword \”keyword.de\” the main keyword with regional reference \”keywordort.de\” as a domain name. The choice of the domain name should be checked called – and trademark law. After application of the new Legal advice law effective July 1, 2008, and Internet companies may clarify these issues for you. On the part of the search engines are \”user marke.de\” or \”user-marke.de\” have considerably fewer visitors than \”usermarke.de\”.

This can be taken into account through acquisition of all three domains including permanent redirect to \”usermarke.de\”. The domain should have too many characters for readability. Wahrnahmungspsychologisch you can at a glance may 8 characters still see, with hyphen 17 characters. But also remember that the user must type the domain again. It is already enervierend. Domain age the longer a domain in the network, the trust in this domain is higher. The age factor was weighted in new. Thus, also the history of the site plays an important role. Search results are already stored, confidence in contrast to a new site with high visitor numbers to rise.