Optimal Conditions

There are more chances that you damage your notebook that are harder and more expensive to repair to a PC’s desktop and laptops. So follow these tips for the care of the same. 1. Keep the cold battery: avoid heat and use the battery as much as possible. If you are using it connected to the wall for a while, turn off or suspend the laptop, remove the battery and work without it. 2.

Be careful with foods and drinks: If you spill coffee on your laptop keyboard this could cause a short circuit on the motherboard. (I keep my cup of tea as far as possible the electronics). 3. When working at your desk, connect a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse: This protects things far more valuable than your notebook, your arms, hands and eyes. It is impossible to create a working environment ergonomic and appropriate with a small keyboard connected to a small monitor.

4. When you travel, find the correct carrying case and pack the laptop properly: depending on your preferences, find a case of transport, backpack or bag with a padded, specially designed for a notebook section. 5. Clean the keyboard in the correct way: turn the computer off. Keep it open while it invests it and shake gently so crumbs fall out of the keyboard. Then use a can of compressed air, available for a few dollars at any computer store, for blowing what is behind. (But first read the instructions that come in the Tin). 6. Clean the screen when it is necessary: start with a dry micro cloth fibers (can buy it in the shops of computers and photography and also a spray to clean laptop). Rub using circular motions. Do this gently, but apply a little pressure on the spots. If necessary, make your own cleaning solution by mixing distilled water in a bottle (ensure that it is distilled) and white vinegar into equal portions. Make sure that your notebook is switched off. Lightly spray this mixture on the cloth of micro fibers not on the monitor. Rub as We said before and wait 10 minutes before turning on the laptop. site of interest to find out today’s computing and a world of news technology.