80th Birthday Of Helmut Kohl

The next former German Chancellor now celebrated its anniversary in time for a review after the 90th anniversary of end of 2008, Helmut Schmidt. Helmut Kohl was 80 years old on the 3rd April 2010, what is reason enough for many publishers, to bring a torrent of new publications on the market dealing with the controversial politician. The online Department store shopping.de introduces the new book about Helmut Kohl, which was written by Heribert Schwan and Rolf Steininger. The book titled”the former Chancellor as a virtuoso of the power. Unlike many of the books (www.shopping.de/ books /…) about Kohl, who these days are published, the work shows not overly critical. Swan counts it almost as a confidant of Kohl’s. During the filming of many films about the former Chancellor of Germany, as well as through cooperation in the writing of his memoirs, the author won intimate insight into his life.

Also, Helmut Kohl granted extensive and exclusive interviews of the two authors of this book. About half of the book deals with the time the reunification, while the other half represents Kohl’s private life. Each reader must decide himself which of the two parts is the most exciting. The passages about his private life included at least controversial interpretations, such as about doing a Kohl’s affair with a younger woman. This should be even the reason for Hannelore Kohl’s suicide. Interesting are also the comments to Kohl’s second marriage with Maike Richter, which dominated apparently evident in the relationship.