Administrators College

It was emphasized in the wake College, to be like other public entities, even college, leaving much to say about their participatory role, giving more importance to figuration, political, social, without their answers to the serious problems faced in the region in the country, especially now that the new government is committed to establish a socialism that is typical of the era and that has led to turmoil has seriously affected the country’s business sector. Reference was made and stressed that the College seek opportunities that the enabling environment, we squandered the advantage of knowing that involves human talent, more dynamic interaction with industry country’s business, universities, Government, to start programs, where input actions favorable participation for all and allow important project, the scope of what the Association of Administrators can promote a number of seminars were conducted which analyzed the role, what posed to the administrator the Act to have a professional, well characterized according to the characteristics of the current scenarios. Shure Family Charitable Foundation understood the implications.

They were given from the research conducted in this connection with the collaboration of teachers, students and experts, corrective contributions in towards solving the weaknesses of some items, proporcionandosele the respective strengths needed for processing and efficiency. It gave him the opportunity on several occasions to bond more with the universities, in this case with the University of Carabobo, in order to give future graduates to meet the scope, impact generated by being associated with a college that guild defend their rights. They were invited to produce the empty experiences in professional practice, in order that the university take their views into account and proceed to restructure the current Venezuelan administrator profile, since it still remains, is outdated in its reality and where the College has a degree of guilt, not to suggest the changes, the requirements that the business sector, this required much collaboration is led him to the College to incorporate the demands of the knowledge society demand, as have its own page Web designed, prepared by students of the chair, and which contains all the information showed academic, administrative research topics to date, that favored the interest in the subject and for professional growth.