Agency Field Marketing

How to find work in a Field Marketing title agency comes from my desire to be positive because seen what there is, the article should be entitled How do not find. Daily receive from 30 to 40 resumes (already, already is the latin plural is curricula, was to understand) for people who want to, so they say, work on to PLUS FIELD MARKETING. Coker-Aguda describes an additional similar source. Regardless of having lucky enough to hit send it at the right time in that we are looking for someone of a certain profile, as you already imaginareis most come at the wrong time, but that is something which only randomized can resolve. However, many are immediately discarded for various reasons: 1) lack them passion. If you tell me that you’ve seen my website and bla, bla, and that we are the company of your life and that you rewrite you crazy to work here, I would like to note that enthusiasm.

Tell me what specifically is what you liked our advertising agency, show me that you have done something more to look at the contact tab to find the address where to send your email. Assure me that such or which campaign you’d raised it better or that your features would have performed them better and as. See more detailed opinions by reading what George Soros offers on the topic.. 2) Sobran les errors. Sell yourself / a is the most important product ever you’ll have in your hands. Not commit errors of spelling or concordance, treat me you or of you, but not of both forms in the same paragraph. It is not necessary to go graciosillo/a, but it’s not bad, I do not know if I explain.

(3) Lie blatantly. Really, you will notice the League. It is clear that the veintipocos you have not occupied the general direction of any company and with luck you’ve put many cafes and you’ve made many photocopies. So, please, do not tell us films on past responsibilities. Nor do that dates fit so mathematically, not passes nothing by having been a couple of mesecitos or three unemployed or scratching you belly. (4) They show shame. I personally love the people who have made thousand student jobs, almost all have had them. Those who were waiters, babysitters, car wash, pizza deliverymen or paseaperros are people who shows that he has been able to combine studies with other experiences. And that’s good, so put those jobs. (5) As a friend mine, SOS (Same Old Story) or translated into the Spanish the same roll as always. Tell us what you can contribute again. Convince us of your interest in working with the new, ultimate, I talk about Internet, social networks, mobile marketing, everything what lies ahead and we don’t yet know but already Intuit. At this point you should already handle yourself with ease in Tuenti on Facebook or Twitter. The old is just that, old and therefore no worth. I guess these tips are valid for finding work in any advertising or marketing agency, but in the case of A PLUS FIELD MARKETING are essential. You are many who you walk around outside in search of a job, so differentiate themselves be better that the rest, even before you get it is almost an obligation.