Carboxymethyl Sanacontrol

Abnehmmittel Sanacontrol now available after the Sana form GmbH very successfully introduced their new saturation preparation Sanacontrol in January 2010 in a small test market, supplies in pharmacies now throughout all pharmacies in Germany and Austria. Thus, the consumer Sanacontrol under the number of pharmacies can order PZN 1119795 now in his pharmacy. Alternatively, Sanacontrol in the online shop of the manufacturer under can be obtained (free shipping within Germany). The new Sattigungsmittel based on a tried and true substance which uses the famous for decades and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry Carboxymethyl Sanacontrol product innovation. This is modified vegetable starch, which has been used mainly as explosives/decay patrons in Tablet coatings given their strong source property. Now saturation purposes is the proven to be safe and well tolerated Carboxymethyl as an independent agent taken into account. Due to its special, networked structure of molecule not only enters the metabolic process of the active ingredient of Sanacontrol, but excreted undigested again. Therefore Sanacontrol can suitable after consultation with the attending physician also good for diabetics.

Sanacontrol works in the stomach purely physical with his gentle source effect without to clump together. The filling and light stretching of the stomach leads to a natural and long-lasting satiety. Your benefit: Our USP at Sanacontrol it is a taste – and odour-neutral granulate, which easily can be taken in any drinks. Appetite and food quantity are restricted in a natural and effective way, enjoyment and tasty diet are however fully preserved. Safety, quality and performance are confirmed by the CE certification as a medical product.

The weight loss product manufactured exclusively in Germany does not contain any additives. A sales package Sanacontrol is sufficient for a 4 weeks treatment, which are significant customers result can be achieved. To meet the high quality standards in the consulting, receives the consumer Sanacontrol at the pharmacy in the manufacturer’s own online shop at – Sanacontrol: your soft saturation gel + Sanacontrol is a novel medical device that distributes your cravings and helps you to get rid of annoying kilos. Weight problems often result from excessive calorie and fat intake. Right here, in this true causes, Sanacontrol comes in: the product regulates your appetite, reduces your appetite and supports it, to adjust your eating habits. Weight control and reduction are no longer a problem with Sanacontrol. The odorless and tasteless granules from plant’s natural strength will be deployed in drinking liquid ingested, its gentle source effect in the stomach and thus ensures a long-lasting, natural feeling of satiety without additional caloric intake. medivendis.