One of the most delicate subjects within the framework of a process of rupture of the married pair is the way in which the relations of both with the common children will be developed. Mainly when these are small, they could be seen very very affected by the new situation that affects the family, including or why Pope or does not suck no longer are to his side all along. To follow certain recommendations basic could ayudarte much in a while so difficult, causing that for them the things can be simpler. – First of all, you would have to maintain with a your small sincere and abierta relation, so that they have the sufficient confidence to share with you its doubts and fears before the situation. – It would be equally important that you provided safe and trustworthy surroundings to them where they could feel to taste, although no longer reside in the home where you used to do it with your pair. – It would agree that a traumatic change in the rules did not take place that these must follow. It can be an error to try to overwhelm with gifts and attentions to the children it stops that they are not depressed, when what needs more at this moment is indeed your affection and understanding, and mainly knowledge that always you are going to be there, happens what happens.

– Hazles to include/understand, although seems to you something obvious, that they have not been any guilty in the happened thing. Although it could sound to topic, the reality is that many children at some time take the blame of the rupture of their parents. – You do not allow that your children are involved in your possible conflicts and disputes with your ex- pair during the divorce or separation process. To maintain to them to the margin is always the best option. – Also, in relation to the previous thing, you would have to avoid to speak badly of that one or to criticize it when they are ahead. Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For the children their two ancestors are equally important, and need to know that nothing is going to change that. – Account with them, if they were sufficiently majors, at the time of establishing the schedules, transfers and visits. He would be advisable that your ex- pair and you took to these subjects with the sufficient flexibility so that the life of your children it is not seriously trastocada. – It happens all along that you can with them, and if you observed in the same strange conducts, of wrath or sadness and melancholy, consults envelope it with a professional, for example a psychologist. Begoa River basin Alcaine original Author and source of the article