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If the need for promoters really great and constant (two to three shares per month), then think about their employment promoters is reasonable. The main thing that had the desire, patience and free time compliance officer, who was a promoter can be fixed permanently First, we need determine how much and what level of promoters of the company should have. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. The amount received to prepare to multiply several times. Calculation of something like this: to put on the work of 10 people, you must have a base of about 50 functioning promoters. Center For Responsible Lending has firm opinions on the matter. Because at any given time – and have generally – the day after tomorrow urgently – to work can usually only one in five. Four out of five must be just to pass examinations, to work on another campaign, sick, move, etc. Now perform another multiplication operation. To receive 50 hard-working promoters will need to otsmotret two hundred people.

Half otseete you at the interview, a significant portion itself when it comes to real work An efficiency of 5 percent – that's a promo arithmetic. In Moscow, an acceptable basis of field staff (300-400) can not form a stress-free for three months, in areas that will take a little more time. During this time, your skills will grow and refine the selection, and many of the simplest functions, you will learn how to delegate the office manager and security guard. Issue a questionnaire to check whether all lines are filled, anyone can. But when the base is formed, do not relax. In no event do not cover the recruitment of new promoters.

Tune in for the duration of the selection of promoters. And particularly active should expand the database in the spring: because in the July-August to begin a vacation, and the series motor trade triple. – If the promoters for serious professional knowledge of the promoted products, such as product promotion – a complex household equipment, expensive set of skin care products or pharmaceuticals. – If a company wants a very tightly control the quality of stock and trust your brand professionals. And remember correctly organized PROMMA-action will increase sales by about 50-100% of the company which holds you to this action is your partner who is as much interested in its success. At the moment, effectively hold PROMMA-action you can in many directions in this company 'All Staff' will always come to your aid.