AMD Visual

AMD is the acronym and is a degenerative eye disease little known but it is a major cause of vision loss in adults over 50 years. Therefore it is advisable to get regular eye tests to prevent or detect such problems visiales. To extend the knowledge of the disease, Novartis has been created within the website is to publicize the disease a useful visual glossary of related terms, where you can consult various terms related to this issue in order to allow a better understanding of problem and their treatment. Terms such as scotoma, macula, or visual field … that are strange to most are explained in a clear and concise in order to better understand this disease. It has also created an information campaign on that information in order to reduce the lack of degenerative eye disease. In addition to this glossary page provides other information interest as a description of and even some test to diagnose the disease (known as a test of the Amsler grid), and therefore start treating as soon as possible.

For any information you can replace the value of expert opinion after a routine visit your ophthalmologist. So if you have any vision problems make an appointment with your doctor to clarify the causes of your visual impairment. Symptoms of AMD common ones are: – Blurred vision. – Distortion in the perception of straight lines. – Appreciate black spots in the visual field. – Other symptoms, such as the alteration of distances and altitudes, shortness of light or light-sensitive vision.

There are two types of AMD: dry AMD and wet AMD. While the former is less frequent progress is more rapid and early diagnosis is essential to prevent significant vision loss. Dry AMD is the most common. Its diagnosis remains critical despite allowing him to have a longer time viewing.