Chiara Luna

This card recording is the security and the arrival of the results. See, for example, one in the Lenormand temporal trend show a temporary event, it can happen with the Rummy cards that these current partners in this picture plays no role. “The reason that this man is not the one, the right and only as marginal or incidental” is displayed. Marginal, in what form, come and go, depending on how they have met. This special form of cards laying quasi shows the relevant topics of life from birth to death in small steps with the relevant stipulations of the map. Should it be essential for the seeking of advice if he experienced a greater loss of money, so the map image will display only those loss representing a danger for the people seeking advice.

For example, the question is: will need in the next few weeks to repair my car and I have a great loss as a result? So, the map image here does not explicitly will give an answer. It will indicate only whether there will be such a situation. You should not create this financial burden will this be the map image as Destiny situation display and warn: caution, watch your money up, threatening a loss of money! Warnings are always taken seriously. Should you make it, but financially, it will be not a “threatening” money issue but appears as a money issue, which makes far too many thoughts, unnecessary thoughts. Results where a situation to develop to the end result is ever omitted at the cards laying are also very often in the deck. The goal, the result will be shown, there to the development of a situation ourselves, determine the way only by our decisions, actions, and we do.

The fast pace and the impatience of the people was this tremendously accurate and fascinating maps laying into oblivion. However, people are again far-sighted and want to know the significant results for their lives. This is the Tarot reader with these special cards laying great popularity. But patience is required. Some things can arrive in just days, things need do weeks even months until they develop and then finally arrive. But as long as a canned statement is not made, it will happen again at the recordings. The basic core of this technique lies in the nudity. It is not important what clothes I wear, it is only important whether I’ll freeze. It is not important who I’m in a happy relationship, it is only important whether I’m in a happy relationship. It is not important what I eat, it is only important whether I am not starving. After this groundwork-laying these cards is built. No, you will not freeze! Whether this is due to warm clothing or a “thick” skin, it doesn’t matter here! Yes, you will have a happy relationship! Because happiness is the most important, it is not important who is the chosen one! Not in the result no you will not be hungry! What you take with you, plays no role. Due to the complexity and the profundity of this decks of cards, there are few people who have mastered this. The expert Chiara Luna by Zenomlive works exclusively with this card recording and it enjoys high popularity. Exclusive Expert Portal you can find the expert Chiara Luna which is available mainly in the evenings. Bernhard Saldana Zenomlive