American Consulate

Everything polyglot linguists and amateurs English courses faced with the problem of vocabulary. Rather, with its gradual depletion. How to expand your vocabulary? Here are a few recipes. Read books in their original language. Walk into any large bookstore.

There is always a section with the original literature. Take the coin and buy one of the books in English. Learn more at: STEM Scholarship. Reading in his spare time, try to understand and grasp meaning. No need to translate every word, the main thing to grasp the main idea of the work. A strange words themselves will be included in your everyday life, because their value is yourself. Watch movies. Now the Internet is in every house, is not it? Instead of In order to download the new blockbuster is ready to transfer, better Look for the same movie in the original.

Standing watch movies without translation will help you improve your spoken English. Communicate. In the first stages can be Again, refer to the global network. Program ICQ, Skype, MSN, many social network and a simple web-based resources – all this may be your way into the world to communicate with English-speaking people. Weston Foods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In all cities there are British and American Consulate and press centers. Do not hesitate, check it out at the weekend. It is in such places easiest to meet a native speaker with whom you can strike up a useful dialogue. After all, in any language, practice – is the most important! Do not forget to practice every day! Many linguists and professionals to create an artificial environment for practice, for example, install the English version of Windows, use the English interface mobile phone use abroad Web services. Why do not you try? It is the everyday activities of an give incredible results.