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The Golden Age

If you stop to feed your brain thriller and action movie, then this will force you to look for other priorities and other criteria for your existence. Step One: Limit themselves from unnecessary and harmful information! "Do not fight darkness … Continue reading

The Experience

However, we understand that the family is the part most significant of formation of the being. However, this concept of family, exactly that of modest form, it can be found in shelters, what the difference for the child and the … Continue reading


Semantic barriers are a consequence of that the same phenomenon, the statement has a different meaning for the communicants. Mismatch meanings of statements (requests, orders, etc.) constitutes an obstacle to mutual understanding between the partners. Same mechanism psychological barriers is … Continue reading

Ten Questions For Employers Wonder

Ten questions for employers to ask themselves one. In a question-answer forum CBC, Australia was the first to reply. Do I have the persistence and patience necessary to own a business? It would be nice if once you wrote your … Continue reading

Mixture Fields

But apart from natural radioactivity, characteristic of uranium, thorium, radium and plutonium in nature also are the many manifestations as individual elementary particles (but not the nucleus of certain chemical elements) can be introduced in terms mikroprostranstva that under special … Continue reading


In one of its texts ' ' Analgicas&#039 schools; ' , it shows the description of the use of technologies in classroom, since the electronic use of the penxs until arriving at iPod, 26 cellular or other devices. The text … Continue reading

Human Development

Thus, they had conceived the consisting human development of that only innate and it is not only molded by the environment. In this manner they had arrived at a interacionista conception of the development. Vygitsky defended the idea of that … Continue reading

More Education

(KEYS, 1999). Maciel (2007) affirms that the advantages of the long-distance education, are: Alternative to the partner-economic problems of the education; Reinforcement of the continued learning; Induction to the autodidatismo and autonomy in the learning; More economy. Keys (1999) also … Continue reading


They are the first agents of this right and duty, and the school, society, will contribute in this task. The role of the family in the socialization of children is vital. The areas in which a child receives all learning … Continue reading

Buying A Grill

The range for this grill is between $ 349-400 Award for Best Smoke Grill Goes To: Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 2820 no top for the kitchen Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain. This Weber grill will last for years and provide … Continue reading