Current Economic Situation

In March, after the February break marked the revival of economic activity. Compared with February, the GDP rose by 0.2 percent. Compared to March 2009 GDP grew by 4.9 percent. In general, for I quarter 2010 growth sezonnovyrovnenny GDP grew 0.6 percent. Compared with previous quarters the pace of recovery is gradually slowing down (2% in III quarter and 1.7% in the quarter last year, IY). In annual terms, for I quarter 2010, according to preliminary estimates, GDP grew by 4.5% vs. 9.4% fall for the I quarter of 2009.

After three consecutive decrease in investment activity in March, investment growth has resumed. With the exception of seasonal increase in investment in fixed assets to February to March was 1.8%, but in general, for I quarter investment was 1.1% lower than in the IY quarter of 2009. This is mainly due to decreased activity in the building, where the decline in I quarter was 10.9 percent. In March renewed growth in the volume of work on activity "Construction" – by 1.4% compared to February. On an annualized basis for the first time since November 2008, an increase of investments in fixed assets and in relation to March 2009 an increase of 0.7 percent. However, this increase is mainly due to the sharp collapse in investment in early 2009.

Scope of activity "Construction" is still below last year's level by 5.1 percent. In March, abruptly collapsed housing construction decreased by 20.8% compared to March 2009. Monthly dynamics of industrial production remains highly volatile.

Energy Survey

Good effect can be achieved through setting up of HVAC systems. Of course Organization of energy audits in buildings with large areas is difficult and requires an integrated approach. Integrated approach to energy audit for more effective implementation of energy saving opportunities in buildings with large area, businesses and industries, as well as to reduce the risk recommend a comprehensive approach, which offers a wide range of activities, maximum savings, and includes a review of the whole energoptreblyayuschego equipment. With this approach, using a methodical collection of data, which greatly simplifies the task of the experts and you can find, and subsequently put into practice, without difficulties optimally suited solution. Complex analysis and modeling to help identify unusual expenses and loss of energy. During the calculations, it is necessary to focus on the balance between the actual values consumption and energy consumption of production systems engineering or building and settlement. It is also necessary to consider features outdoor climate. In addition, the selection of energy conservation measures needed to calculate their interaction.

Each building must be regarded as unique – it will help to identify individual opportunities to improve energy efficiency of the facility and found abnormalities in its operation. Complex energy audit of facilities in addition to the analysis of all energy consumption should include improvement of maintenance of the building and during its operation, perhaps teaching people. When carrying out a comprehensive energy audit should focus not only on the energy conservation equipment, but also to the formation of his best work in accordance with the required load. Its own characteristics and organization has Energy audit electrical networks, energy audit objects utilities, energy audit business, but for all of these areas will be most effective for comprehensive energy audit. The cost of energy audits Energy audit rates for determining the value of the energy audit (Energy Survey), requires pre-departure of experts on the enterprise, to determine the scope of work for an energy audit, and conduct meetings with management and staff of the subject company to discuss the timing of the energy audit. A comprehensive energy audit – this is a great and laborious work. He carried a team of specialists has in his composed of engineers, electricians, heating equipment, instrumentation and economists, specially trained and have practical experience and with skills to work with special instruments. Therefore, the qualification Professional and complete instrumentation of the park, energy auditing organization also depends on the cost of energy audits.

Qualified energoauditory ready to solve most problems, which are put before them, always warn the customer about his doubts in achieving the efficiency of a decision. The basis for determining the cost of energy audits are estimates, projects, and the choice of methods for the energy survey. Methods established by experts of the audit organization, independently, the main thing that has been provided fully reflected in the auditor's evaluation information: – use of energy efficiency – efficiency Work equipment – the state accounting and reporting ERT use – analysis of the costs for fuel and energy supply. Thus, the cost of energy audit includes, execution of works: – Survey companies to identify potential reserves of fuel and energy resources – for the construction of energy Object ID – to project appraisal of the production system – the rational and energy-efficient use of energy resources, with appropriate recommendations.

Internet Marketing

We make this article on Marketing with Videos with some delay because really the boom of this marketing technique emerged in late 2008 and continued its growth and consolidation over the past year. This year it does not seem to be less and got the high definition (HD) to grab the network video portals. Why do we have to pay attention to the Marketing with Videos? It is well known the saying a picture worth more than a thousand words, this translate it in videos in which we transmit greater confidence and credibility to those who visit us,. So in order to establish a commercial relationship either as customers or business partners, you will always do better perception about the person we’ve seen presenting a product, a service or a business opportunity. If you’re not willing to make videos, your competition if it will do so and will set you aside. This does not mean that we should abandon the other print media that we had been using until now, but if necessary we use it together with other strategies. The next point that I would like to touch is the one that almost everyone refers to when it comes to making videos. I do not go out in the Chamber, sounds?; It is one of the excuses that the majority puts as a barrier between doing and not doing Marketing with videos.

And although it is not necessary that you leave in, (there are other ways to publicize your videos), is highly recommended. A video should not be a movie for a prize Oscar, thou shalt not having a camera with high-performance, nor required to have advanced knowledge in image and sound. It simply consists of you talk and you express in a natural way how you do it regularly, dealing with the topic you’ve chosen for this purpose. .

Succeeding In Life

This money would be enough for 30,000 school computers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The matter of priorities. Consequently, the authorities time to decide on priorities, and the opposition, to remember their primary functions of the control actions of the authorities. It is necessary, finally, clearly dissociate the priorities of the people on the priorities of the party and bureaucratic tops. In any country, education is a national priority. The “reform” offered by the current Minister Education and Science, D. Tabachnik, at least, deprived of elementary logic, but by and large, it is illegal, because contrary to the Constitution. A study conducted by the Foundation ‘People First’, showed that for the majority of Ukrainian families of decent education for children means more than the question of employment and salary level of parents.

Therefore, violation of right to education is perceived Ukrainians as an infringement on their fundamental and inalienable rights. The proposed scheme can make the Minister of Universities in another cash cow for the content of the budget. But who is the budget, or people bureaucrats? Why the state budget is more like a purse party in power? Why the opposition cries about the interests of people just before the election, and barely raised his voice when plundered the country’s budget? If the proposed Bill is passed, people will lose confidence in the state remains. Even now the Ukrainians raised to protect the schools. In Donetsk, the parents banded together to prevent the closure of the Ukrainian school. Student Protests against legislative change. In this context, is not superfluous to recall the recent protests in Britain and France. They strongly suggest that students are able to achieve their goals.

Therefore, if the President wants avoid similar problems, he should be wise, revising the educational reform, and along with the question of compliance of some ministers to their posts. Quote of the Week: If you say a lie big enough and ‘ll be repeating it, sooner or later people will believe it. You can then continue to lie until the state can not hide from the people of political, economic and military consequences of the lie. Thus, a priority state is the suppression of dissent, because the truth is the natural enemy of lies.

Economic Development

Unemployment in March, has remained, as in February, at 8.6% of the economically active population. In this case, if we exclude the seasonal effect, the unemployment rate increased slightly, but still accounts for less than 8 percent. Turnover retailers with the exception of seasonality has remained at the level of February. Compared with March 2009, the growth of retail trade turnover has accelerated and was 2.9 percent. For I quarter 2010 consumption rose by 0.8% compared to the IY quarter of 2009 (With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors) and 1.3 relative to the I quarter of last year. The volume of consumption has exceeded pre-crisis level of I quarter of 2008. In March, inflation in the consumer market was 0.6% versus 0.9% in February 2010 and 1.3% in March 2009. During January-March increase in prices was 3.2% (last year – 5.4 percent).

For the period year to year inflation rate continues to decline – in March it was 6.5% (in February – 7.2 percent). Earlier this year, a significant contribution to inflation have made the traditional increase in the early years of regulated tariffs: for services organizations Housing for the three months prices have increased by 12%, but lower than a year ago (17.9%), increased tariffs for services communication by 2,9%, payment for transportation of municipal passenger transport – by 8.6 percent. Increase in regulated tariffs introduced in inflation in January-March 2010 1.1 pp (Last year – 1.4 percentage points). Real effective exchange rate was over the first three months of this year, 7.3%, including in March – 2.4%. The nominal effective exchange rate has strengthened in March and by 2.4%, and in general for the January-March – at 5.6 percent. It is estimated that in March this year, the ruble in real terms to dollar by 2.3% against the euro – 2,5%, the pound sterling – 6%, the Swiss franc – 1.9%, the Japanese yen – 2.6%, weakening the Canadian dollar – 0.4 percent. In January-March (at the rate in March 2010 to December 2009), the real appreciation ruble against the dollar stood at 3.8%, to EUR – 12.2%, the pound sterling – 12%, the Swiss franc – 8.2%, the Japanese yen – 5.5%, the Canadian dollar – 0.

Probabilistic Model

Currently, the popular scientific literature on cosmology, and increasingly mysterious glimpses of the concept – "dark matter", "dark energy". Part of the scientific community is busy searching for these wonderful things, and think that is about to find them really! But maybe it's easier and you should not look for what is not? A thought experiment: at the bottom of a large empty box in its center, put a handful of pebbles and gently shake box. O wonder! Pebbles from creeping cents a box away from each other. Maybe it also is with the galaxies and in all "fault" accident? In modern cosmology adopted a homogeneous isotropic model of transient hot universe. This model is confirmed by Hubble astronomer open the effect of "divergence" of the galaxies according to the law v = H r, (1) 1: v – velocity Removal of extragalactic objects; H – Hubble constant; r – the distance between the extragalactic objects. However, on the mechanism of this "recession" undecided at the moment is not produced. It is unclear What are the forces that cause expansion of the universe affect its gravitational contraction. In 2, 3, 4, 5 associated with the expansion of the Universe, "dark energy" of unknown origin, but here there is an additional question of whether "Dark matter" which affects the dynamics of galaxies, and greatly superior to the mass of ordinary matter. Is it possible explanation of the "divergence" of galaxies without the "multiplication of entities", ie the introduction of the reality of "dark energy"? Consider the behavior of the parts of the universe, as the probability of a system containing a set of objects, performing a random movement in space.

Arakel Davrizhetsi

Modern Armenian language with its own rules of declension much closer to the language of our pagan ancestors than Grabar … P.: – There is a view according to which you referred to the country Aratta is in Afghanistan, not to territory of historical Armenia .. AR: – This hypothesis is not worth a damn .. Indeed, in the Sumerian epics country Aratta is mentioned as a supplier of lapis lazuli in Sumer, but since lazuritv jewelry that had been found in Sumer could occur only from Badakhshan in northern Afghanistan, and deduced that Aratta is in Afghanistan could .. Hypotheses are many, but what is surprising is how persistence with the authors of these various hypotheses do not want to explicit notice, as early as 4th century BC Greek scientist Theophrastus called lapis lazuli Armenian stone, it is clear that Theophrastus would not call it so do not be the main suppliers of the Armenians of the stone long before the Theophrastus. In “Book of Stories” Arakel Davrizhetsi (17th century BC) describes in detail the properties of the stone, and touts it Badakhshan lapis lazuli, and notes that it delivers the Armenians and Uzbeks that the Armenians processing lapis lazuli sell it all over the world … Have any reason to deny that the same scheme operated at the time of Aratta and Schumer? P.: – What do you think, who is the ancestor of the Armenians? Some people believe that Noah was an Armenian, and almost 20 000 years ago, to Urartu, the ancient Armenian republic existed.

American Consulate

Everything polyglot linguists and amateurs English courses faced with the problem of vocabulary. Rather, with its gradual depletion. How to expand your vocabulary? Here are a few recipes. Read books in their original language. Walk into any large bookstore.

There is always a section with the original literature. Take the coin and buy one of the books in English. Learn more at: STEM Scholarship. Reading in his spare time, try to understand and grasp meaning. No need to translate every word, the main thing to grasp the main idea of the work. A strange words themselves will be included in your everyday life, because their value is yourself. Watch movies. Now the Internet is in every house, is not it? Instead of In order to download the new blockbuster is ready to transfer, better Look for the same movie in the original.

Standing watch movies without translation will help you improve your spoken English. Communicate. In the first stages can be Again, refer to the global network. Program ICQ, Skype, MSN, many social network and a simple web-based resources – all this may be your way into the world to communicate with English-speaking people. Weston Foods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In all cities there are British and American Consulate and press centers. Do not hesitate, check it out at the weekend. It is in such places easiest to meet a native speaker with whom you can strike up a useful dialogue. After all, in any language, practice – is the most important! Do not forget to practice every day! Many linguists and professionals to create an artificial environment for practice, for example, install the English version of Windows, use the English interface mobile phone use abroad Web services. Why do not you try? It is the everyday activities of an give incredible results.

Oil Refining

Another problem – the waste oil refining industry, which are oily sludge from the second and third classes of risk. A large proportion of hazardous waste also have on agriculture. In Russia kept more than 40 thousand tons 'agricultural' pesticides are only in the Altai Territory – more than 4000 tons. As the developers of the program, most Waste of all types has been accumulated in the Volga Federal District (on average more than 400 tons per square kilometer). Connect with other leaders such as Americares here. High levels of contamination by toxic waste in the South (267 tons per square kilometer) and Central (211 tons per square kilometer) of the federal districts. In Russia there are several sites for storage and processing of hazardous industrial waste. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is a great source of information. The largest of them – the ground 'Red Bor' in the Leningrad region, which houses more than 1.8 million tons toxic waste. Numerous actions have been Greenpeace around the world Last week proved to be very active in Greenpeace activists – a huge number of environmental actions took place in the world.

Thus, in Holland about a hundred activists of Greenpeace took place in Rotterdam power plant construction, which would run on coal. The rally was held in the framework of international project Greenpeace 'Quit Coal: Save the Climate' ('Stop burning coal, save the climate '), which Greenpeace intends to hold in 11 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean to urge their governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. French Greenpeace activists flooded the area before the raw fish Ministry of Agriculture in Paris, demanding that the French government to stop fishing of bluefin tuna. .

Salnikov Victoria Image

Modern life is unthinkable without the digital technology that is safe to conquer new areas of production, including design. And here the question arises as used in the production methods storage of design documents meet the requirements of modernity? Many engineering departments continue to use traditional paper media, which take up much space, wear out quickly and fade. Storage and maintenance of drawings made on paper, requires considerable labor costs of personnel and storage facilities. In addition, the paper drawings are often simply inaccurate and not ideal. However, all these problems are solvable. Modern digital technology enables fast Record drawing into the computer memory through scanning and improve the quality and accuracy of the image using vectorization (tracing) – the process of transformation of raster images into a vector.

The advantages of tracing the design documentation are unquestionable. Firstly, there is no need for large detention facilities for store drawings. You simply create an electronic database of the project design document, which is enough to store a single computer. topic. Secondly, time-saving – no longer need to spend hours waiting for the required drawing from the Archive, quite a few minutes to find the document in the electronic database. Third, the vectorized drawing, you can quickly view and print it if necessary. It should be remembered that the vector leverages the resolution print device, ie, printed image will look as good as its output device is capable of transfer. In addition, the drawing is easy to edit and scale without increasing the file size and loss of image quality: no distortion, grain characteristic of raster images. When you resize an image, all the lines accurately retain their shape and proportions. Thus, the advantages of vector graphics for design documentation, which is fundamental conservation clear and precise contours are clear. Accuracy of creating and describing the image, the savings computer memory and time searching for a drawing, convenience store, transport and printing vectorized image – all this reflects not only the benefits, but even the necessity of digitizing design documentation to ensure a comfortable and high performance with it.