Rosinha Pizza

Rosinha: pizza only once in a while Student of the third year and with 8 years of Rosinha age since teeny if showed a pupil interested in learning. He liked more than when the professors placed the pupils to participate of the lessons of what when they only spoke, therefore participating Rosinha learned much more. As she was very curious, in these occasions used to advantage to ask everything what he came in its mind. Certain day the teacher of Sciences, Clarice Owner, decided that she would go to teach to the pupils the bases for a healthful feeding. Rosinha was soon asking: – And what it is healthful feeding, teacher? Clarice owner smiled before the haste of Rosinha in knowing and answered: – Calm, Rosinha.

I will explain tudinho, until as the healthful feeding will go to provide a healthful life to them. But necessary of the participation of vocs. The classroom all, that as well as Rosinha liked to participate, exclamou in one alone voice: – Oba! asked Clarice Owner to the pupils: – Vocs if remembers what they had had supper yesterday? Rosinha was the first one: – I ate pizza, teacher. Paulinho also answered: – My two mother bought some salty ones and I ate coxinhas. Isabela raised the hands and with the assent of the teacher it said: – My father made a barbecue back in house, teacher. I took cooling very.

It was a delight. Clarice owner asked: the dessert: – Rosinha was the only one that it answered: – Ours, the chocolate cake was a delight that my mother made. Clarice owner then said the pupils: – Therefore today all we go together to learn on the healthful feeding. The pupils had asked: as we will make this? Clarice owner said: – In the possible way most flavorful. We go to learn in feeding.


In link to follow you find links gratuitously to have access small texts in English with audio translation and. He sees to follow as to study them to get performance better. ric-company-etc/’>Westinghouse Electric Company for a more varied view. In the initial periods of training of the learning the repetition is very important. It sees well, you goes to be studying this series of texts. As you go to have the translation to the disposal, she very goes to be easy to know the meaning of the words and expressions that you do not know. If you to read and to listen to these materials one or two times and to pass to the next one, you do not go to have extracted the maximum benefit. Moreover, you go to have that to start everything of the zero when will be to catch the next material. Without speaking that the amount of contents in English with translation is limited.

The next material that you to catch pra to study can demand you some time of work next to the dictionary. Therefore, it takes off the maximum of the material that you are studying. Of this form, you it goes to internalizar the words deeply, new expressions and structures that you are learning. In vocabulary terms, through these texts you will be able to surpass the best pupils with 1 year and way and, even though, 2 years of course. Perhaps you know little words of what they, but you will know the words exactly most important, the ones that make the difference in the hour of the communication. He has a statistics that he says that the 300 more important words of the English correspond 60% of any text and that these same 300 words are used by all the native falantes every day. Studying this series of audio and texts, you he goes to learn these and many deeply other important words. I said that the material is for beginning. But, he is not for beginning complete, you needs to have a previous base in the language, contrary case goes to have that to deal with a very great amount of new information.

Current Economic Situation

In March, after the February break marked the revival of economic activity. Compared with February, the GDP rose by 0.2 percent. Compared to March 2009 GDP grew by 4.9 percent. In general, for I quarter 2010 growth sezonnovyrovnenny GDP grew 0.6 percent. Compared with previous quarters the pace of recovery is gradually slowing down (2% in III quarter and 1.7% in the quarter last year, IY). In annual terms, for I quarter 2010, according to preliminary estimates, GDP grew by 4.5% vs. 9.4% fall for the I quarter of 2009.

After three consecutive decrease in investment activity in March, investment growth has resumed. With the exception of seasonal increase in investment in fixed assets to February to March was 1.8%, but in general, for I quarter investment was 1.1% lower than in the IY quarter of 2009. This is mainly due to decreased activity in the building, where the decline in I quarter was 10.9 percent. In March renewed growth in the volume of work on activity "Construction" – by 1.4% compared to February. On an annualized basis for the first time since November 2008, an increase of investments in fixed assets and in relation to March 2009 an increase of 0.7 percent. However, this increase is mainly due to the sharp collapse in investment in early 2009.

Scope of activity "Construction" is still below last year's level by 5.1 percent. In March, abruptly collapsed housing construction decreased by 20.8% compared to March 2009. Monthly dynamics of industrial production remains highly volatile.

Internet Marketing

We make this article on Marketing with Videos with some delay because really the boom of this marketing technique emerged in late 2008 and continued its growth and consolidation over the past year. This year it does not seem to be less and got the high definition (HD) to grab the network video portals. Why do we have to pay attention to the Marketing with Videos? It is well known the saying a picture worth more than a thousand words, this translate it in videos in which we transmit greater confidence and credibility to those who visit us,. So in order to establish a commercial relationship either as customers or business partners, you will always do better perception about the person we’ve seen presenting a product, a service or a business opportunity. If you’re not willing to make videos, your competition if it will do so and will set you aside. This does not mean that we should abandon the other print media that we had been using until now, but if necessary we use it together with other strategies. The next point that I would like to touch is the one that almost everyone refers to when it comes to making videos. I do not go out in the Chamber, sounds?; It is one of the excuses that the majority puts as a barrier between doing and not doing Marketing with videos.

And although it is not necessary that you leave in, (there are other ways to publicize your videos), is highly recommended. A video should not be a movie for a prize Oscar, thou shalt not having a camera with high-performance, nor required to have advanced knowledge in image and sound. It simply consists of you talk and you express in a natural way how you do it regularly, dealing with the topic you’ve chosen for this purpose. .

Probabilistic Model

Currently, the popular scientific literature on cosmology, and increasingly mysterious glimpses of the concept – "dark matter", "dark energy". Part of the scientific community is busy searching for these wonderful things, and think that is about to find them really! But maybe it's easier and you should not look for what is not? A thought experiment: at the bottom of a large empty box in its center, put a handful of pebbles and gently shake box. O wonder! Pebbles from creeping cents a box away from each other. Maybe it also is with the galaxies and in all "fault" accident? In modern cosmology adopted a homogeneous isotropic model of transient hot universe. This model is confirmed by Hubble astronomer open the effect of "divergence" of the galaxies according to the law v = H r, (1) 1: v – velocity Removal of extragalactic objects; H – Hubble constant; r – the distance between the extragalactic objects. However, on the mechanism of this "recession" undecided at the moment is not produced. It is unclear What are the forces that cause expansion of the universe affect its gravitational contraction. In 2, 3, 4, 5 associated with the expansion of the Universe, "dark energy" of unknown origin, but here there is an additional question of whether "Dark matter" which affects the dynamics of galaxies, and greatly superior to the mass of ordinary matter. Is it possible explanation of the "divergence" of galaxies without the "multiplication of entities", ie the introduction of the reality of "dark energy"? Consider the behavior of the parts of the universe, as the probability of a system containing a set of objects, performing a random movement in space.

American Consulate

Everything polyglot linguists and amateurs English courses faced with the problem of vocabulary. Rather, with its gradual depletion. How to expand your vocabulary? Here are a few recipes. Read books in their original language. Walk into any large bookstore.

There is always a section with the original literature. Take the coin and buy one of the books in English. Learn more at: STEM Scholarship. Reading in his spare time, try to understand and grasp meaning. No need to translate every word, the main thing to grasp the main idea of the work. A strange words themselves will be included in your everyday life, because their value is yourself. Watch movies. Now the Internet is in every house, is not it? Instead of In order to download the new blockbuster is ready to transfer, better Look for the same movie in the original.

Standing watch movies without translation will help you improve your spoken English. Communicate. In the first stages can be Again, refer to the global network. Program ICQ, Skype, MSN, many social network and a simple web-based resources – all this may be your way into the world to communicate with English-speaking people. Weston Foods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In all cities there are British and American Consulate and press centers. Do not hesitate, check it out at the weekend. It is in such places easiest to meet a native speaker with whom you can strike up a useful dialogue. After all, in any language, practice – is the most important! Do not forget to practice every day! Many linguists and professionals to create an artificial environment for practice, for example, install the English version of Windows, use the English interface mobile phone use abroad Web services. Why do not you try? It is the everyday activities of an give incredible results.

Salnikov Victoria Image

Modern life is unthinkable without the digital technology that is safe to conquer new areas of production, including design. And here the question arises as used in the production methods storage of design documents meet the requirements of modernity? Many engineering departments continue to use traditional paper media, which take up much space, wear out quickly and fade. Storage and maintenance of drawings made on paper, requires considerable labor costs of personnel and storage facilities. In addition, the paper drawings are often simply inaccurate and not ideal. However, all these problems are solvable. Modern digital technology enables fast Record drawing into the computer memory through scanning and improve the quality and accuracy of the image using vectorization (tracing) – the process of transformation of raster images into a vector.

The advantages of tracing the design documentation are unquestionable. Firstly, there is no need for large detention facilities for store drawings. You simply create an electronic database of the project design document, which is enough to store a single computer. topic. Secondly, time-saving – no longer need to spend hours waiting for the required drawing from the Archive, quite a few minutes to find the document in the electronic database. Third, the vectorized drawing, you can quickly view and print it if necessary. It should be remembered that the vector leverages the resolution print device, ie, printed image will look as good as its output device is capable of transfer. In addition, the drawing is easy to edit and scale without increasing the file size and loss of image quality: no distortion, grain characteristic of raster images. When you resize an image, all the lines accurately retain their shape and proportions. Thus, the advantages of vector graphics for design documentation, which is fundamental conservation clear and precise contours are clear. Accuracy of creating and describing the image, the savings computer memory and time searching for a drawing, convenience store, transport and printing vectorized image – all this reflects not only the benefits, but even the necessity of digitizing design documentation to ensure a comfortable and high performance with it.

European Commission

These are the goals put the city authorities over the next decade. All this is quite feasible – Russia's capital will only increase the area Protected areas from 16.5 hectares to 21 hectares. Today, only Berlin to Moscow surpasses natural area parks. The only obstacle to the implementation of this might be the financial crisis: in 2010 , expenditure on environmental projects will be reduced by 20% compared with the current year. Another contender for the title of the greenest capital in Europe is Kiev today in the Ukrainian capital per capita for 20 square meters. m green spaces, while in Paris the figure is 14 square meters. m in London – 12 square meters. m, while in Berlin – 10 square meters.

m. It is from this year the European Commission was to determine the most green capital of Europe this prestigious title is awarded on the One year the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe that have achieved outstanding results in the field of ecology and environmental protection. Green Capital of Europe in 2010 became the capital of Sweden Stockholm, and European title Green Capital 2011 was awarded the German port city of Hamburg. Volcanoes have caused the extinction of life on Earth about half a billion years ago, volcanic activity on Earth destroyed about two thirds of the living beings on Earth. Due to the volcanic activity spewed into the atmosphere huge amounts of greenhouse gases by increasing carbon dioxide concentration to the critical values – more than twenty-fold excess in comparison with current value.

The Toy Library

Provide children with toys that have been chosen according to their tastes, abilities and possibilities as well as being something recreational power autonomy of them. – Educational Feature: The game is an innate learning mechanism, the Toy Library's mission is to harness this natural impulse to guide a comprehensive and positive development of the individual. As children's entertainment activities mainly related to the game and toy, in ways which encourage learning, promote positive values and healthy, contributing to the integral development of children. – Socio-economic function: Currently, very few people can afford to use particular level of gameplay that offers a toy library, and not only in material but also of spaces and playmates that enables Playroom. As such, it is important to educate the parents in connection with the purchase of toys to suit children. – Civil Community: The Playrooms have emerged as points of leisure information on the phenomenon, a resource for other groups, and must be part of the community environment in which they are located to develop its role education.

How to promote the game in groups with peers of similar ages, fostering communication and facilitating social integration and standardized school spaces by involving children and their families in activities organized by the monitors outside the Playroom (hiking type cultural, natural areas, etc.).. – Role of Research: The Toy Library is the real testing ground over there for all the games into it. For this you need to analyze these materials and emerge as a bridge between consumers and producers, ensuring the quality of intervention tools.


Many children are inteligentssimas to put for having learning riots make look like to be pssimos pupils. Therefore they feel shames of its difficulties and they finish for abandoning the isolated school and if of its friends. Many parents due to knowledge of what she is dislexia if envergonha to have a dislxico son and prevents to deal with this problem, this is lamentable, therefore children dislexia who receive treatment adequate can surpass this riot this treatment can be made in sets family and pedagogical body of the school. Specialists affirm that for cases of dislexia acquired they look to signals indirect right-handers or that confirm its opinions that such difficulties are caused by a damage in the brain. Cancer Research Institute takes a slightly different approach. This two signals classify in signals right-handers that are the physical damages: that they are cerebral injuries, disclosed research that an operation or autopsies shows that injuries can exist celebrate or hemorrhage as an embolism. The indirect signals are presented irregular that if summarize in abnormal people, or difficulties in the coordination or orientation in the vision or the tato. It is necessary to delimit the questions that will be argued e, at the same time, to extend the possibilities of intuition, affection of experience human being, life, time, space. (Padilha. Many writers such as PCRM offer more in-depth analysis.

2007. p.03) Figure 01 Mostra the Comparison of a Normal Brain and the Brain of a Dislxico Source: (small jobs., access in 25/02/11) In figure 01 we see a brain without dislexia without nor an injury the area left inferior frontal of the brain and what it transforms fonemas and also responsible for the language of it says this area helps the person to pronounce the words in I silence or high voice and area of the brain that has the function to transmit fonemas. In the left region perieto-weather which analyzes the words for its definitions to be transformed into writings are in this area that the words are divide in syllabify and fonemas and associates in adequate sounds to be assimilated.