Oberto Sausage Company profile is one of the leading manufacturers in appetizers, meat and sauces in the United States. Based in Kent, Washington State, this family company has been present on the market for more than 85 years. Its brands include Oh Boy! Oberto, Lowrey s Meat Snacks, Pacific Gold Meat Snacks and Smokecraft Real Smokehouse Snacks. Oberto sells its products directly to supermarket chains and wholesalers in the United States and distributes its products globally through Frito-Lay. See more detailed opinions by reading what Lee Pitts offers on the topic.. The enterprise business challenges, as leader of a category, that has experienced a consistent double-digit growth and where the demand oriented events is always present, Oberto needed a forecasting system that allowed the following: modeling the basic demand of its products based on history easily incorporate the knowledge or Know How of the business that owns the field staff within the projections of projected basic demand keep track changes in the forecast and the causes that generate these deviations develop a prognosis based on consumption for key business segments and integrate this type of prognosis in the overall prognosis of the company maintaining an optimal balance between the quality of the forecast and the complexity, cost and resources devoted to the generation of the forecast Eric Kapinos, Director of forecasting and planning in Oberto, is a veteran glider that began his career at the beginning of the Decade of the 90? s as analyst forecasts in Starbucks Coffee. Through the years Kapinos has worked in multiple work teams developing and improving forecasting of demand planning processes and evaluating and implemented computer systems that support these processes. It has made use of solutions ranging from spreadsheets, through systems developed internally, to sophisticated corporate planning system. Kapinos mentions the following: start as a fervent believer in consensus and collaboration to develop forecasts, but began to give me Note that there is never absolute consensus and collaboration should be used only where really adds value.