Manager Debtor

The author was the victim of such an attack even unexpected even yet not so long ago and has sweated under this legal barrage lying blood and water. At the end, he remains the winner and promises: knowing how I’ve repelled this attack, I ask my readers now exclusively available. “This valuable know – how can tomorrow the neck of many other borrowers save and nowhere else as my debt publication, against title ‘ you are these techniques refer to.” Even if a debtor is financially nothing more and he will be really forced the affidavit to give, it’s still not all days evening. “” Because against title “delivers clever pattern responses to 30 EV questions, which are available on the economic assets of the debtor: in this way, you can remain completely to the truth and still make the most of the situation”, explains Wolfgang Rademacher. Because it must be the only that will give law enforcement officials, what is absolutely necessary and so probably most of the belongings and goods can be saved, that a debtor has believed might have been lost.” The jail is really an alternative to the EV? In this book readers will learn, whether it is worthwhile just to serve the demands of creditors”, rather than to pay or disclose the personal economic conditions by the EV. “In the chapter EV, jail or coal” of interested parties from rank meets, what everything blooms a pay holdout when he is arrested by the bailiff. This authentic experience report is published for the first time on the German book market and finally closes a painful knowledge gap.

Or what to do when a creditor causes the debtor in insolvency proceedings? As I said: this is diabolical, very devilish indeed. but each debtor can win this economic war against his assets. Tormented by debt can ensure conduct deliberate, humour, that the neck of the insolvency administrator becomes thicker and thicker! Thanks to the unique knowledge of remedy for title”, the Manager will have soon don’t want more to go through bankruptcy proceedings.