Arena Quest

The idea to create a site for all ages kvestomanov idea was long overdue. They were afraid of hands. Either case, just create a page, type ‘Kvestomanam dedicated to’ write some reviews and all the quests. But no, you want something more. Hunting bring in a global network of some flavor, something unusual, and at the same time simple. Thus, the first born on the site ‘The World of Quest’, which was located on a free hosting (located to this day, but not updated). Idea was also to create the Internet – shop on the basis of this site, which would be placed out-of-the-way most games available for sale.

Of course, the originals have not been sold, only copies. The originals of the rare games already general it is difficult now to find if it is quite impossible! So, everything was finally set up, shop work, site work. But still – still, something was missing. What? I still do not understand. Oh yes, this is advertising.

You know what a negative free hosts? That’s right, the imposition of its advertising, which deters many visitors. And indeed the very form of address ‘woq.chto a’ as it is not very web site describes its best. It was therefore decided to move to paid hosting. And with moving to a paid hosting service and changed the site name, address, and much more, and for the better. Had a second option (hopefully final) entitled ‘Arena quests. ” At the moment these sites – but again miscalculated. Leaders from this list, of course, the famous KVESTZONA, and less well-known KVESTOMAFIYA (formerly KVESTOMANIYA). I believe the main highlight of the site ‘Arena Quest’ is his game store. Here you can find everything you want latest news, please, want old-fashioned way – please. And the range of fast updates. Less store (but I do not think it is great) is that all games are available for order, sent copies of the ordinary originals, but very neatly furnished copies. Pleases support site, you are everlasting, talk, even advice. Rare in shops. In addition to the store on a site different contests, promotions (in this moment there is a free gift coupon campaign for the first 50 registered users). Many reviews, articles, and passages. You can own and in writing pouchavstvovat stateek. There is a chat forum. There is automatic link exchange and much more, not less interesting. In contrast to the same or KVESTZONA KVESTOMAFII – willingly accepts various proposals made by other Webmasters. Conclusion: The number of services on site ‘Arena quests’ evades its competitors far ahead. The number of users and traffic – alas, no! There is nothing surprising, because the site appeared online recently.