Russian Princess Anna

In the museum can see all tools that are used by Giovanni Farina, feel the authentic flavor of "Cologne water" and even buy it in an elegant bottle. It stores these bottles of perfume, which he delivered to the palaces. As Oddly enough, began to spread throughout the cologne only 50 years. Initially fame grew only at the local level, cologne spread around Cologne. Then slowly began to merchants to distribute it to Europe. But in War from 1756 to 1763 cologne became very popular and the matter is that the French.

The French fighters were famous for their manners, but the purity of their legs and underarms. When the French occupied Cologne, pleasant aroma, "the Cologne water "came to their taste, he beat a good smell of unwashed bodies. Soon the scent was in Paris, from here and started his winning streak. Not only French soldiers, but the palace and know no different cleanliness. Even Russian Princess Anna, Queen of France complained about the foul smell of unwashed bodies of French. Flavored water, Giovanni was an opportune moment. She began to buy in larger quantities than the perfume shop led Giovanni Farina to worldwide fame.

"Cologne water" used not only men but also women, mistress of Louis XV a great liking to the water. In Russia, curtains cologne King of Prussia Frederick II, he gave cologne Catherine II. The queen also endorsed the new product and cologne spread among the courtiers, and then among the nobility. Napoleon, too, was delighted with the cologne on his day had about a dozen bottles. The emperor not only poured them out, he added it to the bath, rinse the throat and dripped into pieces of sugar and drank tea with them. He said that cologne enlightens minds, but our contemporary uses cologne inside at all for other purposes. At the end of nineteenth century, a host of companies is flavored waters on the basis of alcohol. In Russia, a subsidiary of Francois Coty, the famous perfumer, who coined the well-known, and many favorite cologne "Chypre" Now perfumery industry has leaped forward. Cologne replaced by deodorants and scented after-shave gels, there was toilet water, perfume in bulk. But the "Cologne water" still holds the leader and pioneer in the world of perfume.