Austrian Norbert Sedlacek

In addition, secure main threads and loads-oriented yarns including the furling thimbles, preventing an overload and damage in extremely strong winds. D4 awnings is characterised in comparison with other membrane laminates also due to their significantly better bonding due to thermoplastic resins. It is possible, because the DP laminates before profiling in flat form are made, so that a uniform high pressure can be applied during the lamination. He makes sure that each fiber is imbued with the adhesive resin. To monitor delaminations, otherwise often with membrane sailing is, are very, very rare.

But not only high-tech fibres such as Tawron and aramid, Vectran and Pentex provide for the sustained performance profiles of the DP membrane sails, but also the protection of patented long to prevent UV damage. Only in this way is D4 the material for winning, even in the toughest regatta in the world. Sail cloth from DIMENSION-POLYANT participants put on the basis of their at the Vendee Globe, however, older yachts from the outset any chance to win had who wanted to finish the race but in any case. An example is the Austrian Norbert Sedlacek. More information is housed here: Season of Giving. He had from Hydra NET radial DP sailing itself.

Hydra NET radial is extremely tightly woven and thus very dimensionally stable; It also has a pleasant soft grip. Hydra NET radial particularly suitable for sailing cuts, where previous Dacrontucher supply only satisfactory results, but Pentex or Kevlar, Dyneema laminates are not desired. About DIMENSION-POLYANT DIMENSION POLYANT worldwide is the market leader for sail cloth and brings a wide variety of sail cloths regatta sailors and surfers ride and journey. 225 staff produce it in several locations of sail cloths in up to 300 qualities. Hauptproduktionsort is Kempen in Krefeld, where was the center of the German Silk weaving 200 years ago. Specializing in sailing scarves of synthetic fibres began 40 years ago. The canvas by Polyant proved on the market by Beginning in his superiority, which proved to be especially on the regatta courses. The products of Polyant GmbH, which was a subsidiary of the Krefeld Verseidag group until 1998, convinced the sailmaker and the sailors. It began a spectacular success story. The GmbH, which could generate a turnover of 300,000 mark in 1968, drove an almost stunning growth. 14 million mark in 1980 was the sales and doubled yet again ten years later. Basis for success were and are reliability, precision and care. This sets DIMENSION-POLYANT worldwide until today standards and innovation and production of top class sailing tuchen.