Human Rights

“In the framework of the campaign for human rights have been a total of 900 million people in 2008 ‘ Universal Declaration of human rights presented to get support and respect for this human rights adopted in 1948 by the United Nations, the Church of Scientology International is sponsoring” a world’s ongoing human rights information campaign. You posed by these words by L. Ron Hubbard: the United Nations found the answer. The lack of human rights stained the hands of Governments and threatened their dominance. Very few Governments have introduced any part of the Universal Declaration of human rights of the United Nations. (u0085) It is vital that all thinking men urge their Governments on fundamental reforms in the field of human rights.” To spread these 30 human rights increasingly around the world, 30 Professional TV spots were filmed rotated through each of the human rights.

Folders in the new outfit were brought out, providing information about all 30 human rights. You will be distributed regularly in cities around the world and shown to inform people about their rights. Collecting signatures for petitions perform to an unimaginable extent. Volunteers collect signatures in parks, in schools, on the street, at flea markets and wherever people come together. If one counts all petitions together, are now 180,000 signatures of persons who are calling on their Government to make the Universal Declaration of human rights in schools mandatory.

Leaders in terms of human rights and Government officials came to human rights concerts in Moscow, Brussels, Rome and Milan, to support the Universal Declaration of human rights. Now, that of the Church of Scientology International”sponsored human rights TV spots appear in many places in the world: in Argentina trains, at the airport in Cape Town, in shopping centers of St. Petersburg and on stations in Zurich, Bern and Lausanne. You have been on dozens of national Broadcast TV channels such as on CNN, sky international, arts & entertainment, BBC America, DSF, Discovery Channel, history channel and MTV. Overall, these TV spots aired by 3,500 TV channels in 45 countries. Overall, the campaigns sponsored by Scientology in 84 countries led to human rights education campaigns. On human rights world tours helper total 280,000 km and traveled to 57 cities in 45 countries. 570 organizations and authorities have worked with one of the sponsored human rights programs. Part of this increased campaign for a renaissance of the Universal Declaration of human rights”, 900 million people were presented in 2008 as a whole the Universal Declaration of human rights.