Badminton Tournament

Surprisingly also the fact that bird flu has made adjustments, even in an international tournament in biathlon. Badminton Tournament India Open, which will be held in April in Hyderabad, India, was on the verge of collapse due to lack of flounces in the country. For more information see this site: Yahoo Finance. Deficiency of the main projectile badminton caused by a ban on imports of flounces from China which operates since 2004 for fear of the authorities, which together with shuttlecocks for badminton, which are used in the manufacture of goose feathers, a country can get the bird flu virus. Will Zapovednoe Ukok plateau without Gas pipes more than 5200 Russians have signed a petition to the Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board of Directors of oao Gazprom, Dmitry Medvedev called for re-route the pipeline "Altai", which the company Gazprom, plans to lay through the natural park 'Ukok Quiet Zone'. It is planned that the pipeline "Altai" capacity of 30 billion cubic meters. meters of gas a year, will connect the Russian company with a Chinese supplier consumers of gas through the Ukok plateau, despite its special status of the regional natural park 'Ukok Quiet Zone'. According to ecologists, the survey work and the laying of the pipeline will require construction of additional infrastructure, including transport network that will result in irreparable blow Ukok nature. In addition, environmentalists are convinced that there are other alternatives to the pipeline route from Russia to China.

Russian Environmentalists hope that the call for more than five thousand citizens of Russia to preserve a unique plateau Ukok finally be heard. As noted by Valentine's Day Animals and our pets If Valentine's Day in Russia is only beginning to gain popularity, then around the world this holiday with a beautiful centuries-old history has become so popular that many inhabitants of our planet congratulate and express their feelings not only for its second half, but even your favorite pets. For example, Americans were willing to spend on Valentine's Day celebration for more than 17 billion dollars, 367 million of which will go to gifts favorite pets. Congratulate their pets with Happy Valentine's Day and decided to Leningrad Zoo: there prepared a special holiday program Valentine's Day, and all zoo visitors were invited to pamper pets in the form of edible valentines hearts. In addition, the celebration of the Valentine's Day in the Leningrad Zoo is not without its weddings: their relationship 'register' a pair of rats and a couple suricate. Often, people love their pets is so strong that no valentine not express affection and feelings of our brethren smaller. Thus, a resident of California in the United States was so grateful for his dog to save lives, that after the death of his four-legged friend retained its somatic (body-forming body) cells and contracted with a Korean company which is engaged in animal cloning.

'Revive' his favorite woman will cost 150 thousand dollars. Blacklist Gas station again replenished Someone cares about pets, and someone – the ecology of Moscow and the 'healthy eating' Moscow cars. In January 2008, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Moscow, together with ecological city police conducted a series of checks of petrol stations. We selected 77 samples of motor fuel at 22 gas stations. As a result of an administrative investigation four stations were fined for the implementation of fuel, relevant environmental requirements. All in all, now in the list of stations implementing the low-quality fuel, there are 40 companies.