Be A Writer

From the idea to the book, it is a lengthy process that requires patience and perseverance, and a willingness to learn continuously. It is a long way from the first idea to the finished, published book, a book in the. I summarize here what you look for and why you should be not discouraged. The first important question a prospective author should ask is: what is the message I want to convey? Will I pass on information, entertain or support? I’m willing to learn and to give added value to the reader, or is my ego in the foreground? I have the talent to write and I am willing to learn? Writing is an adventure! It is a pleasure and enriches the author and (hopefully) the reader. Writing is not everything has become the experiences of the fragments, the memories, a book, and it is perhaps one day so far, is his baby in the hands of an editor to be a lecturer.

Too much faulty will be published today in the age of the Internet. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Center for Responsible Business by clicking through. Lack of respect for the reader, a hand To publish the book and also for little money. This is the dark side of the Internet and the ability to publish digital books. But for serious authors it is a blessing to his work on the book on demand publishers or digital Kindle/Amazon market today. The idea is there, but you have no idea how to write a book. I just went through this whole process. “With just” means that the last two years. At the end of the year 2009 the idea was born to write, after repeatedly people spoke to me, as I it instead, to be so happy and satisfied, despite my challenging life history a book. In my seminars, the participants got an insight into my philosophy and repeatedly gave me the hint that I should write a book.