Bernes Comedy

Dreamy and romantic young man imagines himself a knight cloak and sword, for him the war is not serious. Yes, it is, then, shells exploding, there officers and soldiers – but all this is somehow close. Nearby, but not realistic. Eugene continues head in the clouds, occasionally returning to reality. And in one of these returns, he meets Genia Zemlyanikinu, signaller shelf "Katyusha". That's really who is on the ground with both feet and has no illusions about this state of affairs! Good, but raw, Genia, at first rather awkward laugh Eugene, desperately trying to hide their feelings. But gradually, she and hardened in the war, begins to thaw – so great charm cute intellectual Kolyshkin, brilliantly played by Oleg Dal.

Under this fascination of purity, innocence and openness of fall, perhaps anyone who speaks with a young soldier, his comrades to the Germans, to whom bungler Kolyshkin wanders into the New Year in search of your favorite candy for the girl of his dreams. Generally the film plenty of humorous scenes – you do remember, this is opportunistic in the project, the military comedy. I do not know what can be explained by the fact that any, even the most klishirovannye moves (drop accidentally hurt a bucket of water, dressing up in women's clothes and other) look in this film is not just appropriate, but as something very soft and even touching. This kind of magic, nothing else! Nevertheless, despite an abundance of fun little things ("The Artist Bernes looks like!" – said the war veterans of Colonel, who was himself Bernes and plays), and frankly ridiculous episode, called the movie a comedy would be wrong.