Irene Muravyova

Here are five mistakes that make single women (and men) during the initial phase of dating and relationships. If something sounds familiar – let's try to fix it! 1. If you think you are unworthy of love, it never will be. Many women after a series of fruitless meetings and partings believe that they have something fatal, 'nevlyublyaemoe'. They say a phrase like 'Who can I be needed? Clearly, I am doomed to loneliness.

On me a crown of celibacy (bad luck, such is the fate of where to go) '. Of course, we all deserve love! What do you think? But if you constantly repeat themselves about their evil share and print solitude on the forehead, this ratio begins to manifest itself in every word, every gesture and deed. In these women, betrays a doom mixed with timid hope and aspiration to make twice as much to keep the regular fans in spite of an evil spell. Result: we are working on relationships, clinging to railroad cars leaving trains, but not to be left alone. But if you start to convince myself the opposite – 'I'm so pretty (good, smart, erudite, charming, I'm just doomed to a lot of love'? "Maybe we should try auditory training, as did the 'most charming and attractive' heroine Irene Muravyova? To sweep away the defeatist thoughts, start with a simple: Keep a diary. Following the example of Bridget Jones fyrchite men, splash out bad thoughts down on paper and convince themselves its irresistible.