Black Sea

It's a small fee for knowing where you will relax. Plus people prepay the first night residence, because we need to book a room. – And why the first rather than two or three? – Let me explain. Since we are responsible not only for the guests of our Black Sea coast, but also to our partners owners of boarding houses. The man at the request may prepay the entire period of rest. – That is, a person knows what awaits him room, he at the agreed time to settle. A boarding house owner, in turn, knows that to him inhabit.

– Yes, an advance payment – a guarantor! -Good. Here you claim that the consultation is 7 $, but is there any guarantee that the price you specify indicates what will be the owner of the boarding house? Indeed, the majority of travel agencies, if not all earn it by raising the cost. "You probably do not see the meaning of what we do. Perhaps in all that we do have a certain amount of altruism. But I want to make the rest of citizens of my country, in their own country, comfortable and available to every Ukrainian family could enjoy the comfort, the joy of the holiday and stay in the Black Sea coast. Here we are with you now sit on the breakwater, under the gentle rays of the sun, just bathed in warm transparent and soft water in the sea. Us well.

We are all well settled. You are now well to combine business with pleasure? – And how nice life would be so. – That's what I want is for many it became available. – And how to be a delivery to a place accommodation? You mentioned about this. – Because our database is raznoklassovye pensions, people want different ways to relax and be willing to pay different money, and several options for delivery. If a person is willing to pay 80-100 U.S. s said that publicly. dollars per day stay, he can afford a comfortable delivering in a good fast air-conditioned bus. We have contracts with transport companies on the implementation of passenger transport. That is in place booked arrival Bus or being encountered by our man and carried out, and put in a bus person will be taken. The driver receives instructions to be delivered and the person pays for just one dollar, agree a nominal fee. Yes. – Okay let's go now prepare mussels and lunch. Probably never ate fresh mussels just caught and cooked.