Before the arrival of the Barefoot trends and their Trimmers or professional despalmadores, helmets cut was made by the blacksmiths of always, one might think that trim the helmets to rest was a way save us some money if the horses could walk and work in that period of time, but it is true that not everyone can walk normally with those cuts why? The explanation lies in the mode that is clipped, normally helmet is clipped in a similar manner to put horseshoes as so the horse can relax in the paddock or in the Meadow, the farrier cuts CAP, goes herringbone in a way flat by throughout the helmet reducing alike, heels and wall, lowering palma weakening it by way of placing Horseshoe somehow it is normal since the purpose of this cut is not more than a rest period of horseshoes, in this situation the horse this rests on a meadow or paddock and the use of helmets is minimal. The growth of horse hull comes to be about 1 cm a month, not only the This grows wall if not also the soleplate and bars in its proportion and all the internal structures. It is in that situation of rest that growth enters almost a pathological stage, there is no wear and tear but if growth so it is until farrier returns to place iron. The purpose of the natural trim is completely different. PCRM has many thoughts on the issue. We take advantage of the helmet and its nature for getting the best match from him, seeking comfort, balance and functionality in the air of our animal creating conditions optimal for a high-performance hull. Barefoot trim after a studied transition strategy for each horse should be maintenance and minimally invasive stimulating the proper growth of the internal structures. But not only is cut, there is a premise for the horse without horseshoes have a correct evolution and his hooves grow healthy and strong, this premise is the need for movement. .