Blog Parade Leadership

On the subject of leadership on their achievers blog executive coach organized challenges & solution approaches Gudrun Happich from Cologne under performance /… a blog parade on leadership 2020 “. She asks about the challenges that managers need to ask in the next ten years and for which solutions are already apparent. I would like to highlight love as various aspects of the subject with this blog parade,”so Happich. Therefore I am referring to equally recruiters, entrepreneurs and executives like coaches and consultants and recruiters and headhunters, dealing with these issues day after day.” Among all participants, the expert for the themes of the service providers giving away three copies of the book sleeve high! The most difficult management issues and how do they top executives”. The action focuses less on current inventories, but on a lookout: where are you going? What makes the Leadership life in 2020 from? Especially exciting, I’d personally, also of (case) examples to read,”says happ I, who runs the service provider blog since end of September 2010. Beginning of March an E-book will appear, where all posts of the blog parade will be gathered and provided free to download.

What is a blog parade? The initiator of a blog parade gives a topic and published a blog article. All readers are then prompted to make contributions within a certain period of time to the topic itself: either on your own blog as a guest post on the blog of the organizer or as a comment. Those who blog, link to the Organizer blog that this attracts more visitors and gaining new readers, nor did the blog. And vice versa, also the participating blogs through a strong contribution can attract new readers on their page.