Breakdown Of Myelin Sheath: Age Are All People Of Slow

Breakdown of myelin sheath makes age slower! Researchers have now discovered the reason. Older people move slower than younger. Many have pain as a result of wear and tear. But also people with no obvious leads move slower. American researchers have found out the real reason: the myelin sheath play an important role. The Internet health portal reported. Breast Cancer Research Foundation: the source for more info.

The insulation of the nerves in the brain diminishes in the course of aging, slowing down the movement. The body already in middle age can no longer stop these cuts of the nerve sheaths. The removal leads to loss in responsiveness, usually even before arthritis contributes its share as reported George Bartzokis of the University of California at Los Angeles. He and his colleagues present their results in the journal Neurobiology of aging “. Degradation of the myelin sheath affect thinking nerves in the brain are surrounded by a so called myelin sheath, which enables a fast transduction. If you would like to know more about Gavin Baker, then click here. Up to about to 40 years of age, the body creates to repair damage to this oily substance. With increasing age, the ability to regenerate but subsides so that the myelin sheath is getting thinner.

Also the services that depend on the affected nerves are reduced accordingly. This reduction affects thinking, perception and movement, the researchers suspect. Degradation of the myelin sheath causes slower stimulus forwarding to this connection between the processing speed of the nervous system and to test the condition of the nerve sheaths, the scientists examined 72 healthy men between 23 and 80 years. You captured the speed with which a subject with your index finger can tap and compared the result with recordings of the myelin sheath in the brain. It became evident that the myelin sheath in most subjects from the age of 39 years was thin. From this age, also the reaction speed of the subjects subsided. This is also the reason why older people moving slower, if she is still no aching Joints or arthritis, says Bartzokis. Even if only the speed of movement was examined in this study, the results could be transferred other brain functions, where quick stimulus forwarding was necessary one, like for example the memory. However, more and more seniors try to keep mentally fit and looking for education-related issues, for example, on the Internet. Inform the imedo health news: more and more senior citizens with the mouse on the go.