Harmony Kids Birthday: Birthday Without Losers

The best parents Advisor with community-promoting group matches is 2. “Edition released – competition games are the past to professionals on children’s birthday recommend harmonious birthday birthday without losers the parents guide parents guide: children’s birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches” Dr. Scheffler Haajboy has proven itself now well in parents, youth leaders, educators and sports clubs. Therefore, he appeared now in second, extended edition and gives even more ideas for happy and harmonious birthday than before. In the trade magazine for youth leaders and staff in youth work “youth and me” (11.Auflage January 2008) was”by Praxiserfahrenen birthday without losers positively reviewed:… Of the building and the outline here, the book meets quite professional requirements. Very user friendly E.g.

the sort of the games by category, as well as the header in each game description with information about age suitability, required material, the cheapest venue and the characteristics (calm / lively, etc.) “Positively to fall the tips to increase the voltage from one to the next game, and the description of theme birthday (with a search and task rally as well as ideas for a pirate – and a horse birthday)…” (Andreas Robra) Readers write:… My 5 year old daughter has survived her first birthday party and their guests could enjoy her! Thank you!” (Patricia Vogler at the 22.5.2009 at amazon) Parents guide to children’s birthday-usual competition games replaced cooperative community-development games. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation rather than conflict among the children. Competition is eliminated, thus avoiding anger, disappointment and tears of losers. American Cancer Society recognizes the significance of this. Cheerful togetherness and fun come first and along the way the children develop their teamwork playing.

Children’s birthday without losers “happier, more exciting, contains a wide range imaginative and fun games for indoors and outdoors embedded in the education of community-enhancing effect. Parents guide introduces spells, as well as theme birthday treasure hunt, pirate, rally and horses for example quiet, vibrant and Tobespiele, fantasy and history games, food games, water games, handicraft and painting. Children’s birthday without losers is”not merely a collection of games with an educational concept. So, proposes the parent Advisor for example also reconciliations up to suspense and describes how games can be guided or own developed. Lots of practical hints and tips complete the birthday Advisor. of harmonic birthday: birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches by Dr.