There is a powerful current of opinion commissioned to preach the supremacy of man over the rest of the animal species in fields such as intelligence, consciousness and empathy. We do not mean the fact objectively quantitative, but the Defense wishful thinking that certain character are only human beings. In reality, the difference of intelligence or consciousness of oneself is a simple matter cuantitiva, not qualitative. There is an intelligence or human feelings and other animals, everything is a matter of degrees. Historically science and philosophy have been ballasted by anthropocentrism and it is surprising that, in the 21st century, remains the dominant current. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Coca Cola Foundation.

Since the absence of soul in dogs in the Islamic tradition to the dominant astronomical geocentrism until s. XVI. From veterinarians who advocate that the bulls do not suffer during the Bullfight, ethologists and canine behavior experts who defend that a dog must treat him like that, a dog, not as a person. About this ulimo, is certainly more comfortable for the owner of the animal, or the canine trainer, treating animals as individuals epsilon. That kind of treatment, can lead to animal, depending on your predisposition genetics to serious psychological problems that end up generating more difficulties from which the treatment owner = head of the herd seeks to solve. Despite what you see in TV shows or some clueless pet shops owners tell us, the relationship with our pet, be it dog, cat or any other species, must be natural, so that about us report the evident benefits that psychologists do not stop to explain: improvement of autism, asperger’s syndrome, depression, loneliness, etc.

Between us and our animals will develop a special relationship of empathy and knowledge if we treat them with respect, affection and honesty. Quickly our friend will learn what bothers us their behavior and, naturally, will avoid doing so. This in any case mean that we should not have a hierarchical order, but rather, that this It must be imposed from the respect and empathy, in the human way. Perhaps is not so much a believing himself to be the center of the universe, but perhaps a utilitarianism of man over nature. Maybe both things.